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Do you have an intellectual property (IP) dispute? The IP Mediation Referral Service can assist you!

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Did you know mediation has been used globally to resolve intellectual property (IP) disputes with up to 70 per cent of cases resolved? To help your business save time and money, IP Australia has established the IP Mediation Referral Service for IP right holders to access mediation providers as a low cost alternative to resolve IP related disputes.

What can this service do for you?

The IP Mediation Referral Service will:

  • promote a mediation referral service as an alternative to the resolution of IP related matters
  • assist you in selection of a private sector mediator
  • encourage visibility of mediation services available for Australian IP applicant and owners.

Who can use this service?

The IP Mediation Referral Service provides Australian small to medium sized businesses access to qualified, accredited and specialist mediation providers.

Alternative Dispute Resolution

Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) is a flexible, less complicated and cheaper method enabling parties to resolve disputes and avoid costly legal fees.

ADR is a collective term for processes including mediation, arbitration and expert determination that allows both parties to come to a resolution without taking legal action.

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