Do you want to make selling to the Australian Government your business?

Selling to the Australian Government may be an opportunity to expand your client base, increase your income and grow your business.

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Australian Government departments and agencies purchase a wide variety of goods and services from businesses such as, advertising, cleaning, office equipment, training, project management, research and recruitment.

The Department of Finance have developed the Selling to Government Guide as a starting point for businesses who are interested in doing business with the Australian Government.

How will the guide help my business?

The Selling to Government Guide will help you identify opportunities and compete for government business, you will learn:

  • the government procurement process
  • how to identify opportunities to sell to the government
  • the selection process
  • how to respond to an approach to market
  • the contracting process
  • how you will get paid from the government.

Check out the Selling to Government Guide

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