Don't get caught with underweight products!

Make sure your products comply with trade measurement law...

Trades person measuring pipes with a tape measure.

Do your products meet their weight?

A reminder to businesses, packaged goods marked with a measurement must contain at least that amount mentioned on the product.

If your goods are found to be under the amount specified, you’ll be in breach of trade measurement laws, which could result in conviction and fines.

Do trade measurement laws apply to me?

If your business sells goods by measurement, or manufactures, packs, imports or sells pre-packaged goods, then you’re required to comply with the Australian trade measurement laws, including the:

Why are trade measurement laws important?

The trade measurement laws ensure consumers receive the correct weight, volume or length of goods they’ve paid for. Your business can also benefit by:

  • maintaining trust in your customers
  • saving money by not unintentionally giving away product
  • making sure you’re getting the amount of goods you’ve paid for from your suppliers.

What you need to do

As a business, you have a duty to carry out sufficient checks to ensure that all the pre-packaged goods you sell comply with the trade measurement laws.

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