Almost six months on from Australia’s horrific bushfire season, and many local businesses within those shell-shocked communities, are still asking “what now?” and “where on earth do we begin to rebuild?” It’s been a period to reflect, look after each other, and understand that it is okay to reach out and ask for help.

The Entrepreneurs’ Programme recognises small businesses as being critical lifelines for sustainable communities within regional Australia. Their ability to survive and thrive, is the pulse-point for growth of local economies, keeping people in jobs and creating new ones.

The program’s newest service, Strengthening Business, is designed to work with businesses on the frontline, to help you reconnect with your communities, and find a way back to either some kind of “new” normal, or maybe, an entirely new direction.

The Strengthening Business service will see 21 new business facilitators embedded within bushfire-impacted zones in NSW, Victoria and SA.

The service is free, and available to small to medium businesses, seeking to strengthen their capabilities, via strategies for rebuilding and identifying new opportunities.

Our expert business facilitators bring proven skills and experience to advise and guide businesses wanting to rebuild, find alternate markets or pivot the business to find a new customer base. Whilst the primary focus remains recovery, the facilitators will also assist in establishing resilience safeguards, to cope with future crisis events.

Strengthening Business is there, on the ground, to enable businesses in bushfire-affected regions to create a future beyond the blackened memories of life before the firestorm. It starts with a chat, with someone who gets where you are and what you’ve been through.

What help do businesses get?

Participating businesses will be provided with an initial assessment and a detailed plan to take them forward. The business advisers will also help businesses to access a $10,000 grant available under the federal government’s Bushfire Affected Small Business Rebuild package. They’ll help businesses to access other grants, loans and services on offer from federal, state and local governments.

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