Hop to it this Easter with our 7 top tips

Find out how to keep your business flowing through seasonal peaks and troughs…

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We’re choc-full of ideas to keep your business flowing through seasonal peaks and troughs. So here are a handful of tips to help your business maintain an even keel through the first seasonal peak or trough of the year.

  1. Consider updating your website to advise your customers of your opening hours during the holiday period. While you are at it have a look to see if any of your content needs a refresh. There is a bonus of having fresh content on your website, which may help improve your website’s search ranking.
  2. If you’re using this time to take advantage of having a well-earned break, specify when customers can expect deliveries and services to return to normal.
  3. Take the time to review your inventory, as a holiday period can be a good time to keep your business on the right track.
  4. Any time is a good time to grow your business, but are you fully aware of the grants and assistance packages available to businesses all year round. Our free grants & assistance search tool has more than 300 grants and funding programmes in areas such as innovation, skills and business development.
  5. Managing the energy usage of your business is an important aspect in keeping your costs down. The good news is that there are ways to manage electricity, gas or transport fuel usage without a large upfront cost. Understand how you use energy, how energy bills are calculated and the actions you can take.
  6. If your business slows during a holiday period, look at how you can be innovative. By implementing a business culture of innovation you can generate new ideas and improve the way you run your business. An innovative business culture will assist you in staying on top of market trends and adapting to external factors to help your business not just survive, but thrive!
  7. Don’t forget to find out what days are public holidays in your state or territory during the Easter period.

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