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Modular Innovations and Multigate Medical Products

Do you want to know to how your business can identify and capitalise on growth opportunities?  

As part of the Entrepreneurs’ Programme, Growth Services provides businesses who have a growth opportunity with access to experienced growth Advisers who will work with them to develop their unique growth plan. Advisers will mentor through the implementation of their plan, facilitating access to knowledge and expertise, research, funding and other assistance.

We have created some videos highlighting how Growth Services has assisted Modular Innovations and Multigate Medical Products to successfully build the capacity to accelerate growth in their business. 

The customer stories

Modular Innovations

Modular Innovations manufactures a range of custom made building products including modular walls, fencing, high-tech sound absorbing barriers and designer metal laminates. Growth Services assistance under the Entrepreneurs’ Programme helped them to understand their value proposition, and start to construct the messages and channels they needed to expand their markets. This has led Modular Walls to undertake website redevelopment and brand alignment, ultimately helping them grow their business internationally.

Multigate Medical Products

Multigate Medical Products manufacture and sell a range of medical and surgical consumables.  The business has been helped by accessing a range of services offered under the Entrepreneurs’ Programme to grow their business. As a result of their Growth Services engagement, the business has completely changed their approach to product development and user consultation. They have improved their innovation capability, engaged the services of a design mentor and changed their business strategy and culture in order to drive innovation.

About the Entrepreneurs’ Programme

The Entrepreneurs’ Programme uses private sector, experienced Business Advisers and Facilitators to ensure businesses get the advice and support they need to improve their competiveness, productivity and seek growth opportunities.

The Programme offers support to business through:

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