Is your business prepared for the food product labelling changes?

The new Country of Origin Labelling requirements come into play in from 1 July 2018 – make sure you’re prepared!

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Do you grow, produce, manufacture, distribute, import or sell food products? If so, your business has until 1 July 2018 to comply with the new Country of Origin food Labelling requirements.

The two-year transition period commenced in July 2016 and the new labelling requirements are mandatory from 1 July 2018.  

What do the new labels mean for your business?

The laws mean:

  • Food products sold in Australian supermarkets and other retail outlets must display a label which clearly identifies where the food comes from.
  • Labels on most foods grown, produced or made in Australia need to feature the symbol of a kangaroo in a triangle and indicate the percentage of ingredients that are Australian.
  • Requirements for using claims like ‘Product of’, ‘Made in’ and ‘Packed in’ have been made clearer.

Resources to help you get it right

There are plenty of tools and information available to help you understand and use the new labels correctly. To help you get it right, you can:

Case study: Country of Origin Labelling Online Tool

Farmer with avocados

Andrew owns an avocado farm in far North Queensland and supplies his produce to local stores. He recently heard about the new Country of Origin Labelling laws, but was unsure what the label should look like and where to find more information. Andrew tried to research the new labelling requirements himself, but still needing help, Andrew called the Contact Centre for advice.

The Contact Centre agent recommended the Country of Origin Labelling Online Tool to help him customise and download the appropriate labels. The agent walked Andrew through each step of the tool and help customise standard mark for 100% grown in Australia label. He was able to save the file and send it off to his printers to have the new labels produced.

Andrew was also concerned he would have to label each avocado individually the agent confirmed that he just needed to label the container with the fruit inside, as it is not a requirement to label fruit individually.

If you’re like Andrew and need more information to create labels for your food products, check out our Country of Origin Labelling Online Tool before the labelling requirements become mandatory on July 1 2018.

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