Key dates for small business owners in 2018

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List of key dates for small business owners.

January 2018

22 January December monthly Business Activity Statement (BAS) due.
29 January December quarter superannuation guarantee contributions due.

February 2018

5 February February fuel tax credit rates change today.
21 February January monthly BAS due. 
28 February December quarter BAS due. 
28 February December quarter super guarantee charge statement due.
28 February December Pay-As-You-Go (PAYG) instalment due.

March 2018

21 March February monthly BAS due.

April 2018

23 April  March monthly BAS due. 
30 April  March quarter BAS due.
30 April  March quarter superannuation guarantee contributions due. 
30 April March quarter PAYG instalment due.

May 2018

21 May Fringe Benefit Tax (FBT) return due.
21 May April monthly BAS due.
28 May March quarter superannuation guarantee charge statement due.

June 2018

21 June May monthly BAS due.
30 June End of financial year.

July 2018

1 July New financial year begins.
16 July PAYG payment summaries need to be provided to your employees.
23 July June monthly BAS due.
30 July June quarter superannuation guarantee contributions due.
30 July June quarter BAS due.
30 July June quarter PAYG instalment due.

August 2018

1 August August fuel tax credit rates change today.
14 August PAYG withholding annual report due.
21 August July monthly BAS due.
28 August Taxable payments annual report due.
28 August June quarter superannuation guarantee charge statement due.

September 2018

21 September August monthly BAS due.

October 2018

22 October September monthly BAS due.
29 October September quarter superannuation guarantee contributions due.
29 October September quarter BAS due.
29 October September PAYG instalment due.
31 October 2018 Income tax return due.

Check out the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) website for other important due dates.

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