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With more and more customers connecting with businesses online each year, your business should take advantage of the social media channels available to promote your products or services and to communicate with your customers.

To help you the Entrepreneurs’ Programme has launched a webinar series on social media for business.

About the webinar series

The webinars will be delivered by marketing and social media experts and targeted towards Entrepreneurs’ Programme eligible clients. The webinars will provide an introduction to social media to support business innovation, increase productivity and competiveness, and support business success.

The webinars series:

  • webinar 1: an introduction to social media
  • webinar 2: social media for branding and public relations
  • webinar 3: social media for sales and lead generation
  • webinar 4: customer service and retention
  • webinar 5: growing social media trends
  • webinar 6: where to from here?
  • webinar 7: Facebook strategies you should know to grow your business
  • webinar 8: how your business can benefit from LinkedIn
  • webinar 9: how other social media platforms can work for your business.

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The Entrepreneurs’ Programme

The Entrepreneurs’ Programme provides business support and advice to help businesses commercialise novel products, processes and services, as well as improve their productivity and competitiveness. Learning Events are offered by the Programme to build understanding of markets and management techniques, and embed capability in Australian small and medium enterprises. 

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