Modernising business registers

Have your say to help make it simpler for business to get on with business!

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The Government is inviting you to suggest ways it can improve its business registry services.

What is happening?

A consultation is underway to modernise business registers and make it simpler for business to get on with business.

The consultation is part of the National Business Simplification Initiative (NBSI), designed to streamline and simplify how business interacts with all levels of government.

What can you do?

Stakeholders are encouraged to provide their views on aspects of the operation of business registries including:

  • user experience
  • opportunities to deliver improved business services
  • open data
  • accessibility
  • technology
  • governance
  • legislation.

A discussion paper is now available with background information and Frequently Asked Questions. You can read the materials and provide feedback.  

The consultation is open for four weeks and closes on 6 September 2017.  

Find out more:

Thanks for your feedback. If you have any ideas on how we can improve, we'd love to hear them.

Please provide your comments in the feedback form.

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