There's no doubt, most day-to-day business activities across Australia, have moved quickly from having a central workspace built on reliable processes, to the juggling act of trying to keep a team connected, from wherever they are now teleworking.

Recent events have pivoted the workforce to the home front, and many businesses owners are still coming to grips with this unexpected change.

Help to optimise remote working for your team

If a remote workforce model is here to stay, how well prepared is your business to find digital solutions?

The Entrepreneurs' Programme offers the expertise to help businesses survive beyond the COVID-19. The program can help a business adjust to a remote workforce, and establish a new normal to keep your business thriving.

Facilitators with the Entrepreneurs' Programme can assist with sizing up a business' digital footprint, to determine capabilities and the best outcomes for both your staff and customers. It might only require a small tweak to create a new pathway for a product or service, or it might be worthy of a deeper dive to support a complete 360.

With the support of a facilitator, a business will achieve a clear understanding of the common teleworking challenges, and identify the right tools or platforms to improve connectivity without compromising productivity.

Picking the right software will make your life, and that of your team's, so much easier. Cloud-based services and apps enable businesses to handle many aspects of the daily churn, from accounting, to project management, to remote selling and workshop facilitation, and file sharing.

Reducing costs and simplifying work processes is critical, and digital solutions can help reduce overheads. Now also is a good opportunity to review legacy software systems and explore cost effective improvements.

If your business has relied on face-to-face engagement with clients, the transition of your culture and sales processes doesn’t have to be confusing. We can help cut through the jargon and sort through what feels like an endless stack of digital software options.

How can you access the service?

If you’re contemplating a bigger jump into digital transformation, the Entrepreneurs’ Programme Digital Facilitator Team can help you.

You can access this service, if you’re a current or former Entrepreneurs’ Programme customer.

To arrange a time with a Digital Specialist, you can:

  • book in via our online booking portal
  • contact your existing business facilitator

Find out more about how the Entrepreneurs’ Programme can help transform your business.