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Use the new online Major Projects Help Tool…

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Are you working on a major project development in Australia or thinking about starting one? The Major Projects Facilitation Agency (MPFA)’s new Major Projects Help Tool can assist you.

How the tool can help you

The Major Projects Help tool can help you work out for your project:

  • the Australian Government approvals you need
  • the approvals process you must consider.

Simply fill in some information about your project, and the tool will provide you with a tailored suite of fact sheets on the relevant Commonwealth legislative and regulatory approvals you need.

Use the Major Projects Help Tool

The Major Projects Facilitation Agency

The MPFA supports businesses considering or undertaking major project developments in Australia by providing a single point of entry for regulatory approval requirements and processes. They can:

  • provide information on regulations and approvals at all levels of government in Australia
  • facilitate communication between the project proponents and regulators
  • map critical approval requirements and processes for major investment projects over $20 million
  • monitor approval milestones for projects and provide information on any approval issues when they arise.

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