Tips to boost your online sales

Check out our helpful tips to grow and improve your online business!

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Are your online sales low? Do you suffer from poor repeat business? It’s time to revamp your online presence!

What are the benefits of selling online?

  • 24/7 access to your customers
  • lower running and set up costs than an offline business
  • the ability to reach a global audience therefore, increasing your sales opportunities
  • the flexibility to run your business from anywhere at any time!

Building your brand online

Building a strong brand not only creates loyalty from your customers but can differentiate you from your competitors! Here are some of our tips to help you start building a successful online brand:

  • register a website name that represents your brand or business, is easy to remember and easy to spell
  • research your audience, find out where they hang out online and develop a presence there also
  • use the power of social media to increase your market reach, expand your networks and find out what people are saying about your brand
  • learn how to improve your search ranking to give your customers the best chance of finding you online.

Create a great online experience

Create a website your customers enjoy. Provide easily digested, engaging content and ensure the shopping experience is easy and clear to use. Here are some ways to keep your customers coming back:

  • display the shopping cart symbol in the right hand corner of the website. This is standard practice and most people know to look for the cart in that location
  • use high quality images of your products that are large and clear enough to identify key elements and features
  • include detailed information on your product such as size, colour, price and available stock
  • offer a variety of payment options including credit card, direct debit and PayPal
  • communicate with your customers, encourage customer feedback and reviews so you are able to improve online processes as your business grows and develops.

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