Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people

Having a diverse workplace that welcomes employees of all backgrounds, including Indigenous Australians, brings a range of benefits to your business.

Advantages of employing Indigenous Australians

With skills shortages, an ageing workforce, and competition for effective employees, it’s important to demonstrate you’re an employer of choice. One way to make your business more attractive to jobseekers is to encourage diversity in your workplace.

You can enhance your business with the different perspectives, experience and knowledge of Indigenous employees. They can contribute to the development of cross-cultural awareness in your workplace, which is vital in communicating with suppliers and customers from diverse backgrounds.

It makes good business sense to have a workplace open to diversity when you consider that:

  • 56% of Indigenous Australians are under 25 years old, compared with about 33% in the rest of the population.
  • the Indigenous population in Australia is growing faster than the non-Indigenous population.

Grants and support for employers

As an employer, you can access grants and support programs to help you employ Indigenous Australians. For example:

  • Indigenous Cadetship Support (ICS) links Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander (ATSI) students with employers who want to offer work placements and ongoing employment. It provides payments to employers so they can support cadets with a living and study allowance.
  • A wage subsidy is available to employers when they employ an eligible Indigenous job seeker who is receiving employment services. 

Search our Grant & Assistance tool for more government support for your business.

Race discrimination

It’s unlawful to disadvantage employees and job seekers in any way because of their:

  • race or colour
  • descent, national origin or ethnic origin.

To make sure you have a discrimination-free workplace, and you understand your rights and responsibilities as an employer, check out:

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