Work and family

Starting or running your own business can give you the flexibility to manage your work commitments with the needs of your family. It may provide you with the opportunity to decide your work hours or the flexibility to work on the days that best suit you.

As an employer, it is important to consider the work-life balance of your employees. Achieving work-life balance means employees are better able to manage their work time, with their leisure activities, health, family and other personal commitments.

There are a number of benefits to providing a business culture that encourages and promotes work-life balance for your employees. Creating a family-friendly, flexible workplace may help you attract and retain quality employees. It can reduce the business costs associated with absenteeism, recruitment and retraining of staff, and low morale.

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Creating a positive work culture that promotes flexible work arrangements, can establish your business as an employer of choice, building your reputation and increasing the goodwill of your business. Your business may also be eligible for a number of awards.

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