How to reinstate a deregistered company

What is a deregistered company?

Once a company is deregistered it ceases to exist as a separate independent legal entity. This means that it can no longer enter into agreements and company tax doesn’t apply to the business anymore.

If you want a company to operate again, you’ll need to reinstate it with the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC).

Reinstating a deregistered company

There are certain eligibility criteria you need to meet for reinstating a deregistered company with ASIC. You must:

  • have been a director of the company at the time of deregistration
  • not be currently banned or disqualified from holding office.

If you're eligible, you can reinstate a deregistered company to return it to its company status as if it was never deregistered.

If you do not meet the criteria, you’ll need to apply to the court for reinstatement to order ASIC to reinstate the company.

ASIC’s online reinstatement calculator

There are fees required to reinstate your company with ASIC.

Go to the applying to ASIC for reinstatement page where you can download the reinstatement calculator to help you work out the approximate fees of reinstating your company.

To use the calculator, you simply need to enter when your company was deregistered, and the type of company it was. The calculator will provide an estimate of how much the fees will be, so you can make a better informed decision as to whether it’s worth it to reinstate your company.

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