Social media plan - conduct your analysis

Your social media plan needs to include an analysis section to help you determine how social media may best benefit your business. You may decide to present this in a table format within your plan. It will include an analysis of your business, your market, your customers and the social media tools available to best meet these needs.

Social media tool analysis

For each tool, include the purpose or a general description and any opportunities or limitations. Include and consider the following in your analysis:

  • List the name of the social media tool website.
  • List each social media tool that you intend to analyse.
  • What is the purpose of this social media tool or website? How do your customers use it?
  • Outline the specific areas of each tool that you think your business will use and how.
  • Are there any rules or functionality that limit your ability to use the tool? e.g. strict terms and conditions. If needed, you may like to include a link to each tool's terms and conditions.

Business analysis

Consider the following questions when analysing your business:

  • Overall, is social media suited to your business?
  • Are your customers or potential customers likely to use social media?
  • How will social media complement your other online business channels such as your website or blog?

To analyse each social media tool, list the main business goals, suitability for your business and the skills & resources needed to use the tool:

  • List each social media tool that you think you will potentially use.
  • Which business goals / objectives does this social media tool align with or help achieve?
  • Rank the tools according to how suitable the tool is to your goal(s).
  • List any specific skills / resources and/or training that are needed to utilise this tool.

Online customer analysis

For each social media tool, include details of your customers and their online usage:

  • List each social media tool your customers use.
  • Customer demographics: Analyse your customer base and your customer demographics. You can include age, gender, social status, education, attitudes, beliefs and interests.
  • Estimate the number or percentage of your overall customers using social media.
  • Include the details of your customers use, including frequency of use, purpose, and interaction quality (high, medium or low interaction).

Competitor analysis

For each social media tool, list your main competitors and details of their online presence:

  • List each social media tool / website you intend to use against your competitors and the tools they are using.
  • Enter an estimate of your competitor's percentage of market share for this tool / social media site. Alternatively, you can include the number of followers.
  • What are your competitor's main social media strengths?
  • What are your competitor's main social media weaknesses?

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