Social media plan - establish the rules

Establish the rules of social media use in your business including when, where and how you or your employees will use social media.

Have you established a content management policy based on your businesses core values and beliefs?

Within your social media plan, list out your main policy details of all corresponding content management policies.

Include a reason why these policies are important to your business and which social media tools they apply to. This may include what can or can't be published, the tone of voice, language principals, privacy principals and customer service standards.

You may also like to attach a copy of these policies to your Social Media Plan and ensure your employees are trained in these procedures.

Content procedures

  • Does your content procedure outline the style and tone you will use?
  • Does your procedure include an approval process for all content?
  • Does your content procedures and approval process include a quality assurance check before publishing?
  • Have you included a content removal procedure?
  • Have you considered how you will respond to a customer complaint?
  • Have you documented your business rules around who you will and won't follow / like / share on social media?

Customer privacy strategy

  • What current privacy strategies or procedures do you have in place to ensure the security of personal information?
  • Have you introduced customer service / privacy?

Security strategy and procedures

  • What internal authorisation procedures do you have for approval and monitoring of access to your online accounts?
  • Have you protected your data and your network? e.g. virus protection, secure networks and firewalls, secure passwords and data backup procedures.

Acceptable use policies

  • Do you have an acceptable use policy for each social media presence? Have you specified what content isn't acceptable e.g. illegal, explicit, or offensive comments / posts?
  • Have you briefly outlined the procedures for warning users and the subsequent removal of the specified content / user?

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