National Construction Code

What is the National Construction Code (NCC)?

The NCC provides the minimum necessary requirements for safety, health, amenity and sustainability in the design and construction of new buildings (and new building work in existing buildings) throughout Australia.

The NCC was developed to incorporate all on-site construction requirements into a single code. It covers the Building Code of Australia and Plumbing Code of Australia and is managed by the ABCB.

How can I get an online copy of the NCC?

To get your free online copy you will need to register on the Australian Building Codes Board (ABCB) website. If you are already a subscriber to the NCC, you will still need to register. The NCC is only be available online and the ABCB no longer produce hard copy versions of the code.

However, individuals can either print their own copy or arrange for a printed version to be purchased through their local print/copy shop for personal use from the PDF available from the ABCB website.

Register today to download your free copy!

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