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Regional Employment Trials

The Regional Employment Trials creates an opportunity for local stakeholders in 10 eligible regions to deliver employment related projects.

Application detail:

You can apply at any time.

What do you get?

Grants between $7500 and $200,000.

Who is this for?

Local government, Regional Development Australia (RDA) committees and incorporated entities such as businesses and not-for-profits who want to deliver employment projects in selected regions.


The objectives of the program are to deliver:

  • strong connections between regional stakeholders, including employment services providers
  • employment initiatives that meet local needs
  • improved awareness of local labour markets
  • the potential for improved regional employment outcomes

Your project must demonstrate that it:

  • provides opportunities and assistance to help unemployed people prepare for and find work
  • has at least $10,000 in eligible expenditure

You must complete your project by 31 May 2021.


What are the eligibility criteria?

To be eligible you must:

  • have an Australian Business Number (ABN)
  • implement the project in one of the eligible trial regions

And be one of the following entities:

  • an entity incorporated in Australia
  • a local government agency or body as defined in appendix A of the guidelines
  • a Regional Development Australia (RDA) committee
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How do you apply?

The Regional Employment Trials program is closed to applications.

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Key documents

Grant opportunity guidelines

Regional Employment Trials information for grant recipients

RET sample application form

RET sample grant agreement simple

RET RDA committee project proposal template

RET RDA regions and contacts

RET participant registration and privacy form

RET sample timesheet template