The emergency action plan section - Writing an emergency management plan

The emergency action plan section of your emergency management plan should include:

Emergency contacts table

List your local emergency services numbers and any additional contacts you will need to phone in an emergency.

Include: Organisation name, contact, title and phone number.

Emergency procedures table

Briefly outline your emergency/evacuation procedures. It may be useful to attach a copy of your detailed emergency procedures and floor plan with the location of emergency exits, emergency kit and safety equipment clearly marked. Your emergency procedures should also include a map of evacuation locations for all emergencies.

Include: Brief outline of procedures, evacuation point/address, reference to full procedure document and supporting documentation.

Evacuation drill schedule

Use the table provided to schedule your emergency evacuation drills.

Include: Evacuation procedure type, drill frequency, position/person responsible and next drill dates.


Where is your emergency kit located/stored? Is it clearly visible and labelled? Have you informed your staff of its location?

Contents table

List the contents of your emergency kit and the date each item was last checked/reviewed.

Include: Object, checked/reviewed date and person responsible.

Emergency team roles and responsibilities table

Once you have established your emergency team, list the roles and responsibilities of each member in the table provided.

Include: Role, details of responsibilities, person responsible, email and phone/mobile number.

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