The recovery plan section - Writing an emergency management plan

For your business recovery plan, visit How do I write an emergency management plan.

Business impact assessment table

Based on your assessment of the damage to your business, complete the table provided (in order of severity) or attach your own impact assessment to the back of your plan.

Include: Rank, damage, impact to business, severity, action, recovery steps, resources needed, actioned by and estimated date of completion.

Recovery contacts table

Include all of the organisations / people that will be essential to the recovery of your business. See also Emergency contacts above.

Include: Contact type, organisation name, contact, title and phone / mobile number.

Insurance claims table

List any insurance policies you have claimed for. Use the table provided to record any discussions you have with an insurer about your claim.

Include: Insurance company, date of contact, details of conversation / claim and follow up actions.

Market assessment table

Based on your assessment of the damage to your business and / or surrounding area, list any areas of your market that have changed in the table provided. Alternatively, attach a complete market assessment to the back of your plan. Download our Marketing plan template and guide for further assistance.

Include: Market changes, impact to business and business options.

Marketing strategy

Detail your marketing strategy after the emergency. If your business is reopening its doors after a disaster, how will you get the message out? What channels will you use to target customers? How does this strategy differ in light of any changes in the market? For example: You may consider a targeted marketing effort (such as a social media campaign) to communicate your business re-opening.

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