Energy ratings and labelling requirements

What are energy ratings?

Energy ratings are an important tool for comparing the energy efficiency of appliances. They set out Minimum Energy Performance Standards and labelling for common appliances in Australia, to help reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Why are energy rating labels useful?

The energy rating label helps you compare products before you buy. By selling or using products that comply with the energy rating label, you help the environment and your customers to reduce energy consumption.

When buying a new appliance for your business, consider the energy rating listed on the product to help you manage your energy use. Download the free energy rating app to compare running costs and estimate the real cost of a product over its lifetime. Sometimes high-star rated models cost a little more upfront, but could save you more over the lifetime of the product.

Suppliers of energy appliances

As a supplier of an electrical appliance, you must comply with manufacturing and labelling laws that show the energy efficiency of your products. By displaying the energy rating on your products, your customers are able to compare your products with your competitors.

Read the suppliers information on the Energy rating website to find out more about your legal obligations for displaying energy ratings on your products. Manufacturers may need to undergo check testing of their products to ensure they meet the Greenhouse and Energy Minimum Standards (GEMS).

Requirements for retailers and tradies

Retailers or tradies, such as lighting retailers and plumbers, must register energy efficiency products have the energy rating label displayed at point of sale, when selling these products.

You can find out which products this applies to and access free online training on the Energy Rating website.

Visit the retailers and tradies page on the Energy rating website to find out more.

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