Waste management success stories

Your business may face a problem on how to manage its waste. Instead of it costing you money to fix the problem, here are some stories where businesses turn their waste into profits.

Waste bananas become healthy food source

The owner of banana farm in North Queensland accidentally drives over a bunch of bananas left in the sun. The puff of dried banana makes him wonder if he could produce a banana flour product from the dried flesh.

The answer was yes and now the Watkins’ Natural Evolution Company produces a range of green banana products.

Their gluten free flour goes to Japan and they also sell products to Europe, the United Kingdom, South Korea and Singapore.

Read about the world’s first and only pharmaceutical grade banana processing factory and how to take a green banana to powder in under 10 minutes.

Tailoring fabric waste into lower costs

A Melbourne-based wholesale windows furnishings business solved two issues by reducing its waste. The first was to improve the way fabric is cut which in turn lowered raw material costs and reduced waste disposal to landfill.

The company also gave its customer interface a facelift, which gave the owners more options that they were not aware of.

Read how the Viewscape company took its ideas for better waste reduction and tailored them into better business practices.

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