Water management plan

Having a water management plan for your business will depend on your usage.

  • Does your business use toilets and dishwashers?
  • Are you a carpet cleaning business that uses larger volumes of water?

Your water management plan should include ways to help you understand how to use your water efficiently.

You may plan to install free toilet cistern devices that reduce flush volumes, or invest in recycling your wastewater to generate long-term savings.

Use these tips below as a checklist for your water management plan:

  • Establish your water usage benchmark. This helps you know when your highest and lowest uses occur. Take regular readings of your meter and either get a log book or invest in software that measures your water consumption and waste. Look at your water bill to compare usage with previous periods.
  • Pinpoint the water leaks. If there is no known water consumption during a particular period, yet you are still consuming water, you may have a leak. An inspection of your pipes will resolve any problems.
  • Recycle, reuse, retrofit. By finding alternate ways to reuse or recycle waste water, you can save your business significant amounts of water and money. Fitting flow controllers and water-efficient taps and toilets will add to the savings.
  • Find free advice. Start by looking at the grants & assistance to help upgrade to energy and water-efficient tools for businesses, or seek advice from your state or territory government.
  • Know how and where to turn water off. In the case of an emergency, such as a natural disaster, you may need to turn off the water to your premises. It’s important to know how and where to do this.

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