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Social media plan - conduct your analysis

Conduct your analysis against each social media tool that you wish to use in your business, as well as an analysis of what your competitors are doing in social media.


Register a business name

How to register a business name and how to search a name to check it's available. Find out what business name registration means for your business.


Family business

Like all businesses, a family business can have advantages and disadvantages. Check out the top 10 tips to help your family business run smoothly.


Indigenous business

The steps to start, run and grow an Indigenous business are much like running any other business in Australia. However, there are some situations where additional government support and assistance is available to Indigenous business owners.


Business structures

There are a number of structures that you can choose from when starting or expanding your business.


Blogging for business

A blog is an internet site, or an added extension into your existing business website, where you ‘post’ entries (also known as ‘blog posts’).


Buy an existing business

If you plan to buy an existing business, carefully analyse both the advantages and disadvantages, including the history, which is likely to impact the future of the business.

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How to write a business plan

  • Workshop
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This workshop provides business owners with information on how to write a business plan.



How to write a business plan

Tips on how to write a business plan for your new or existing business. Learn about what you need to include to make it as useful as possible.