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Promote your business

Promotion and awareness of your business can be achieved using various marketing activities including advertising, sales promotions, public relations, direct marketing and personal selling.


Positioning your business

Understand how to position your business in the market place so as to meet the needs of your customers and gain advantage over your competitors.

Events & training

Building a one page business plan

  • Workshop
  • Sessions: -

This workshop provides entrepreneurs and businesses with key information on creating an effective business plan and why it is essential.



Writing your business plan summary

Your business plan summary should be completed last, be no longer than a page and should focus on why your business is going to be successful.

Change & growth

Business-research collaboration

Businesses can innovate through collaboration with local and international partners, such as researchers, to profit their business.


Sell your business

There are a number of factors to consider when selling your business, one of the most important being how much you would like to sell your business for.