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Centre for Defence Industry Capability

Business advice and facilitation

The CDIC's advisory and facilitation services help businesses to improve their business capabilities and take advantage of development opportunities within the defence industry.

Positioning your business

Understand how to position your business in the market place so as to meet the needs of your customers and gain advantage over your competitors.

Promote your business

Promotion and awareness of your business can be achieved using various marketing activities including advertising, sales promotions, public relations, direct marketing and personal selling.

Centre for Defence Industry Capability

Encouraging Indigenous businesses

Defence encourages Indigenous businesses to apply for contracting opportunities with Defence.



Once you’re off and running, your business will have different needs and challenges. This section will help you keep your business running smoothly.

Expertise & advice

Business Enterprise Centre (BEC) - Dubbo

The Business Enterprise Centre (BEC) provides business advice and assistance to new and existing businesses within the Dubbo area of NSW.

Plan & Start

Legal essentials for business

Find out the basic legal issues before starting your business. This may include registrations, licences and permits required for running your business operations.