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Territory Business Centre - Alice Springs

Territory Business Centres are the initial contact and referral point for starting a business, business and industry licence information, business planning assistance and links to departmental assistance programs.

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Starting a business as a young person

If you've got an entrepreneurial spirit, but you're a little younger than the typical age of a business owner, don't worry - you can still start a business as a minor with some proper planning and information!

Expertise & advice

Small Business Mentoring Service (SBMS) Victoria

The Small Business Mentoring Service (SBMS) Victoria provides business advice and workshops for businesses in metro and regional Victoria, to help them build and develop sustainable businesses

Plan & Start

Home-based business

Starting a home-based business can be a great way to help you manage your work and life commitments. Find out what you need to know to start and run a business from home.


Arrange insurance for your business

Arranging insurance for your new business. The types of insurance required for running your business will vary depending on the type, structure and size of your business, and which industry you belong to.