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Change & growth

Sole trader to a company

Understand the differences between a sole trader and a company business structure when considering the reasons why you are changing structures and what you want to achieve with your new structure.


Sole trader

Do you know what it means to run a business as a sole trader? Find out what taxes you pay, the registrations you need and your responsibilities if you employ staff under a sole trader structure.


Personal services income (PSI)

For sole traders, understanding how much PSI you earn is important as it can affect what tax deductions you can claim. Find out what personal services income means for sole traders.

Change & growth

Difference between a sole trader and a company

Each business structure as different legal, tax and record keeping responsibilities. Understand the difference between a sole trader and a company before deciding on your business structure.


Types of employment

Whether you are a sole trader, partnership or company business structure, you can employ people under a number of categories. Some categories offer more flexibility for workers, while others provide more security for the business.

Expertise & advice

WorkSafe Victoria

This organisation provides Victorian small and medium businesses and sole traders with contractors with free work, health and safety advisory services.