CRC Projects selection round outcomes

The following projects have been supported under the Cooperative Research Centres Projects (CRC-P) stream of the overarching CRC Program.

Successful CRC-Ps 4th Selection Round Projects

Title Participants* Description Start/End Date Total Grant amount Total Project Value
Enabling Exosome Therapy: Developing an Advanced Manufacturing Process* Vivazome Therapeutics Pty Ltd
Seerpharma Pty Ltd
La Trobe University
Exosomes are small particles released by cells. They are the key effector in cell therapies and have the potential to be an off-the-shelf medicine without the technical problems of cell therapies. Currently exosomes are made at small scale - this project aims to develop a large-scale advanced manufacturing process for exosomes. This project will focus on exosomes to treat peripheral vascular disease (a limb-threatening condition often associated with diabetes), with other diseases to follow. 1/1/2018 - 31/12/2020 $2,179,531 $4,397,739
Project Vaccinate Driving Innovation in Dairy Goat Vaccines Nuchev Pty Ltd
K.J Coutts & N.J Coutts
The University of Melbourne
Australian Rickettsial Reference Laboratory Foundation Limited
Australian Dairy Goats Incorporated
Nuchev Pty Ltd is leading a collaborative project to develop standardised protocols and operating procedures for the development and delivery of targeted vaccines for endemic disease prevention in large Australian dairy goat milking operations. The project will actively drive a collaborative culture within the industry delivering major improvements to farm productivity, quality performance and milk production volumes, positioning the industry for growth and higher export competitiveness. 1/1/2018 - 30/6/2019 $97,280 $283,561
Allogeneic Stem Cell Cancer Immunotherapies Cartherics Pty Ltd
Mesoblast Limited
Cell Therapies Pty Ltd
Hudson Institute of Medical Research
Monash University
This CRC-P will develop “off-the-shelf” immunotherapy products for cancer. As few as 3 rare triple HLA homozygous donor cells are histocompatible with a large percentage (~50%) of the Australian population. These will be used to create haplotype induced pluripotent stem cells (iPSCs) that can be infinitely expanded. These iPSCs will be gene edited and differentiated to become cytotoxic T cells with multiple targeting receptors for use in clinical trials of relapsed ovarian and gastric cancers. 31/1/2018 - 30/1/2021 $2,987,000 $12,627,500
Integrated Smart Home Energy Management, Control and Data Visibility Solar Analytics Pty Ltd
The University of New South Wales
Wattwatchers Pty Limited
SA Power Networks
Project H Pty Ltd
SwitchDin Pty Limited
Ergon Energy Queensland Pty Ltd
Australia is leading the world in a transition to distributed energy resources and is well placed to lead in consumer-oriented energy innovation. The project brings together established energy industry participants with new technologies and local manufacturers to increase data visibility and develop demand management and system solutions. Success will see increased energy security and growth of a new industry with local prototyping and demonstrations ready for national/international deployment. 1/1/2018 - 31/12/2020 $1,891,555 $5,679,351
Portable brain scanner for early stroke detection and monitoring* EMVision Medical Devices Ltd
The University of Queensland
GE Healthcare Australia Pty Limited
Metro South Hospital and Health Service
The project will deliver a portable, non-invasive and non-ionising device to support early on-site diagnosis and ongoing monitoring for stroke patients. EMVision and its partners will perform research in applied electromagnetics and processing algorithms that provide rapid three-dimensional images of the brain to automatically identify brain anomalies. Development of the system is informed by the necessary regulatory pathways to achieve an approved device that meet clinician and patient needs. 1/1/2018 - 5/12/2020 $2,600,000 $10,955,673
High performance energy storage alternative to lithium ion batteries* First Graphite Limited
Swinburne University of Technology
Flinders University of South Australia
Kremford (VIC) Pty Ltd
This project will provide a world-first alternative to the lithium ion battery (LIB) in the energy storage device market and a new processing method to create graphene oxide (GO). It will also develop the manufacturing specifications for the commercial production of a GO supercapacitor with the look and feel of a LIB. As such it would be compatible with current technologies, while exhibiting superior performance across weight, charge rate, lifecycle and environmental footprint factors. 1/1/2018 - 30/6/2016 $1,500,000 $3,447,500
A scalable detection tool for childhood inattention: TALI Detect Novita Healthcare Limited
Grey Innovation Australia Pty Ltd
Torus Games Pty. Ltd.
Monash University
400,000 children in Australia have significant attention difficulties. Our existing client-base of clinicians, parents and educators indicate the need for an accurate, low-cost tool to detect inattention in early childhood. This CRC-P delivers TALI Detect™, an inattention detection tool for individuals that is scalable to national screening of all children entering school. This project extends the game-play features and novel algorithms of TALI and validates product efficacy in a robust trial. 1/1/2018 - 31/12/2019 $1,200,125 $3,909,125
Innovative generation of low cost, zero-emission, reliable electricity* Amber Power Holdings Ltd
Mirvac Limited
The University of New South Wales
Australia's need for affordability, security and low emissions is its electricity trilemma. This world-leading disruptive technology, based on a new design for a centrifugal compressor, can deliver low-emission electricity production from fossil fuels and renewable sources. The outcome of this project is a highly efficient power generation unit which can be easily deployed to any location, transforming lost or untapped low-grade heat into combustion-free, low cost, reliable power. 1/1/2018 - 31/12/2020 $3,000,000 $10,162,500
Intelligent Mixed Waste Re-manufacturing System* Dresden Optics Pty Ltd
The University of New South Wales
Astor Industries Pty Ltd
Consonic Pty Ltd
Duromer Products Pty Ltd
Elemental Manufacturing Pty Ltd
Jasca Engineering Pty Ltd
Brien Holden Vision Institute
This project establishes a novel, advanced, fully automated manufacturing centre where recycled waste plastics are transformed into high quality, stylish, low cost spectacle frames of exceptional durability. The novel plastic recycling technology has the potential to be applied more widely to produce other high performance products whilst reducing waste and environmental degradation. The manufacturing process is simplified, fully automated and closed loop with zero waste. 1/1/2018 - 31/12/2020 $2,716,910 $11,668,820
WoundVue automated and advanced assessment of chronic wounds LBT Innovations Ltd
Planet Innovation Pty Ltd
The University Of Melbourne
The current standard of care for assessing chronic wounds is subjective, placing significant burden on healthcare systems and impacting patient outcomes. Extreme machine learning and biofilm detection will form key components of a new portable hand held system used for objective and reproducible monitoring of wounds. Combined with cloud data storage this will provide both real time data and historical comparison to assist in determining optimal treatment. 1/4/2018 - 31/3/2021 $2,513,000 $10,991,277
Cavendish bananas with resistance to Fusarium wilt tropical race 4 Lamanna Premier Group Pty Ltd
NQ Banana Research Pty Ltd
Queensland University of Technology
The devastating soil borne disease, Fusarium wilt tropical race 4, is threatening the continued production of Cavendish bananas in Australia as well as worldwide. Cavendish accounts for more than 40% of bananas worldwide and 90% of Australia’s bananas. A resistant Cavendish is the only realistic strategy to ensure the future existence of the Cavendish industry in Australia. This project is developing Fusarium wilt resistant Cavendish bananas using genes from a naturally resistant wild banana. 2/1/2018 - 31/12/2020 $1,835,644 $6,875,367
Rapid iteration selective breeding: Australia’s fish to feed the world Mainstream Aquaculture Group Pty Ltd
James Cook University
The University of Melbourne
Marine Produce Australia Limited
King Reef Pty Ltd
Helmaqua Pty Ltd
Barramundi Asia Pty Ltd
Barramundi - Australia’s favourite fish – is gaining popularity as a farmed solution for supply of white fish globally. The world needs a sustainable source of white fish as current supply comes from declining wild catch fisheries. Industrial scale farming offers a solution, but success relies on improved seed stock. The Australian Barramundi industry with the CRC-P is confronting this challenge by driving rapid improvement of Australia’s barramundi breeding stock using modern genetics. 1/1/2018 - 31/12/2020 $3,000,000 $13,476,418
Developing the next generation hydrogen energy system* Applied Nano Technologies Pty Ltd
Monash University
Minifab (Aust) Pty Ltd
Thoughtworks Australia Pty Ltd
Hargo Engineering Pty. Ltd.
The project will deliver a reliable, cost effective and 100% renewable energy system utilising scalable storage to meet base load demand for grid support applications. Further, it will offer a true off-grid 24/7 and 365 day a year solution to regional and remote communities. It will enable high skilled jobs for the advanced manufacturing sector, generate world leading disruptive technology that will grow exports and assist Australia to meet its international obligations. 19/2/2018 - 18/2/2021 $2,783,109 $8,496,861
The industrial application of graphene in high-strength polyethylene* Qenos Pty Ltd
Deakin University
Graphene Manufacturing Australia Pty Ltd
Discovered in 2004, Graphene is the lightest, strongest, thinnest, best heat and electricity-conducting material that exists today. More research is needed to examine how this material can be used for new generation products with enhanced performance. This project will address a number of industry knowledge gaps with regard to specific applications of this material in the polymers industry, and the potential for value-adding opportunities across a range of Australian manufacturing sectors. 1/1/2018 - 31/12/2020 $1,800,000 $4,365,500
Smart linings for pipe and infrastructure* Water Services Association of Australia Limited
Coliban Region Water Corporation
Hunter Water Corporation
Icon Water Limited
Melbourne Water Corporation
Queensland Urban Utilities
SA Water
South East Water Corporation
Sydney Water Corporation
Northern SEQ Distributor - Retailer Authority
Water Corporation
Monash University
University of Sydney
University of Technology Sydney
3M Australia Pty Ltd
Bisley & Co Pty Ltd
Insituform Pacific Pty. Limited
Kerneos Australia Pty Ltd
Parchem Construction Supplies Pty Ltd
Abergeldie Watertech Pty Ltd.
Interflow Pty Limited
Ventia Pty Limited
Metropolitan Restorations Pty. Limited
ITS Pipetech Pty Limited
Monadelphous Group Limited
Water Research Foundation
Water Environment and Research Foundation
Sanexen Environmental Services
A large proportion of underground water and wastewater infrastructure is nearing the end of its useful life. Currently, assets are replaced, which is costly and can cause major disruption. Lining technology may increase service life and prolong the need for asset replacement. Lining has had limited market penetration attributed to the limited demonstrable long-term performance, consistent standards and specifications. This project aims to address these issues and increase the demand for lining. 1/3/2018 - 28/2/2021 $3,000,000 $24,147,390

*Funding provided though the Advanced Manufacturing Fund
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Successful Developing Northern Australia Projects

Title Participants* Description Start/End Date Total Grant amount Total Project Value
Developing sustainable cropping systems for cotton, grains and fodder Ord River District Co-Operative Ltd
Kimberley Agricultural Investment Pty Ltd
The Chia Company Department of Agriculture & Food
University of Western Australia
University of Sydney
Harris Operations Pty Ltd
Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry, Queensland Government
Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation
King Abdullah University of Science and Technology
This project will address knowledge gaps related to commercial-scale irrigated cotton/grain/forage cropping systems, develop regional skills and create tools to inform cropping investments across northern Australia. Cropping system requirements, agronomy and genetics will be explored and developed such that northern Australia can supply agricultural products to meet the quality, technical specifications and volume requirements of overseas and domestic markets. 1/10/2017 - 15/11/2020 $3,000,000 $11,694,131
New pastures to increase livestock productivity across the north Agrimix Pty Ltd
SM Gorton & DF Lynch
Paraway Pastoral Company Limited
AM Cowan & JM Cowan
Corfield Downs Pastoral Pty Ltd
The North Australian Pastoral Company Pty Limited
Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation
James Cook University
Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry, Queensland Government
Legumes provide high quality pasture benefits for livestock, soils, environment and community but few are established in the vast clay soil regions of north Australia. The project will: - Evaluate establishment methods for new legumes linked to climate risk analysis - Conduct grazing, pen, plot, soil trials - Demonstrate legumes increase livestock productivity - Engage students in research and extension Uptake of legume pastures will result in significant economic, environment and social benefits. 17/10/2017 -30/9/2020 $2,833,000 $8,243,000
Breeding for resistance to juvenile pearl oyster mortality syndrome Ellies Pearling Pty Ltd
The Trustee For Cygnet Bay Pearls Unit Trust
James Cook University
The pearling industry in Northern Australia is a major employer and important contributor to the socio-economic fabric of regional communities. Of late the industry has been besieged by a juvenile pacific oyster mortality syndrome (JPOMS) which impacts young oysters and can wipe out >90% of seedstocks. This CRC-P project will determine correlative factors associated with the occurrence of JPOMS and gather the essential knowledge required to instigate a selective breeding program targeting resistance. 1/2/2018 - 31/1/2021 $1,377,065 $10,028,790
Strategies to prevent two viruses devaluing Australian crocodile skins Porosus Pty Ltd
Lagoon Crocodile Farm Pty Limited Croc Pac Pty Ltd
The University of Queensland
La Trobe University
Australian National University
Northern Territory of Australia, Berrimah Veterinary Laboratories
James Cook University
Department of Health Queensland
Northern Territory of Australia, Department of Health
Two viruses, Kunjin virus and a new (porosus) poxvirus, have been identified in crocodile skin lesions. Crocodile skins are produced for the high-end fashion market. Any skin with lesions is rejected because it will be visible on the finished product. With >35% of skins affected by viral lesions, the estimated economic loss is more than $11 million p.a. to the North Australian economy. We will develop and apply control strategies to prevent these diseases and reduce their transmission. 30/8/2017 - 30/9/2020 $1,155,032 $4,821,242
Applying new technologies to enhance biosecurity and cattle quality Branir Pty Limited & The Trustee for Booloomani Unit Trust
Sensand Technologies Pty Ltd
James Cook University
The vast natural environment of Northern Australia feeds the cattle industry; however, biosecurity threats have negatively impacted this. Conventional management of such threats such as weeds are not suited to such broad, harsh landscapes. The project will use an Internet of Things network with low-cost environmental sensors, drone mapping and big data analytics to develop and test data-driven, strategic pest management programs - ultimately improving both cattle industry and natural assets. 15/1/2018 - 14/1/2021 $1,500,000 $5,748,000
Improving banana crop productivity in northern Australia Terragen Biotech Pty Ltd
University of the Sunshine Coast
Coastal Rural (NQ) Pty Ltd
The Trustee for Kalbo Farming Trust
Domenico & Lynette & Paul D & Mark A Ferraro
The Trustee for M & A Cardillo Family Trust
The Trustee for Reidy's Bananas Trust
MF & GL Dunne
The Trustee for N & K Borsato Family Trust
EK McCarthy & McCarthy Farming Trust
The Trustee For Dotti Family Trust
Dicarlo Family Trust
The Trustee for the Spagnolo Family Trust
A & CF & CR & JD Edgerton
JAH Farming Pty Ltd
The Project will conduct scientific field trials on banana farms in Queensland on the use of bio-stimulant technology to improve crop yield and productivity in northern Australia, promoting market growth. Key areas to be investigated are nitrogen-based fertiliser usage, reduced fruit wastage, faster crop maturity, and enhancing nutrient content. Outcomes aim to improve the competitiveness of the sector and will establish learnings that can be applied in other crop production in tropical regions. 1/10/2017 - 30/9/2020 $1,003,155 $3,389,503
The Probio-TICK Initiative Microbial Screening Technologies Pty Ltd
Meat & Livestock Australia Ltd
Macquarie University
This project will deliver Probio-TICK, a sustainable microbial probiotic against cattle ticks and buffalo fly for northern Australia. Probio-TICK will comprise a community of beneficial microbes applied to the hide to give a life-long shield of protection against cattle pests. Probio-TICK is a novel concept that applies the well-established science of human “inner-health” probiotics to the “outer-health” of cattle hides by boosting the animal’s innate resistance to pest invasion. 1/10/2017 - 30/09/2020 $3,000,000 $6,956,250
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Successful CRC-Ps 3rd Selection Round Projects

Title Participants* Description Start/End Date Total Grant amount Total Project Value
Intelligent vision, sensing and data fusion for mining and exploration Boart Longyear Limited
SRA Information Technology Pty Ltd
The University of Adelaide
This project will develop and commercialise multisensory core scanners, data fusion and machine learning algorithms to derive geological and structural data not currently collected. It will improve decision making at exploration and mining drill sites, rapidly acquiring novel information from core and providing outputs in near-real time. It will be developed in and exported from Australia as a value-add service in the METS industry and an invaluable decision-making tool in exploration and mining. 2/10/2017 - 30/9/2020 $2,152,952 $4,640,052
Additive manufacturing of energetic materials DefendTex Pty Ltd
Rocketech Pty Ltd; Department of Defence
Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology
Flinders University
Cranfield University
Additive manufacturing (AM) is an emerging technology, with industrial potential in the field of 3D printed energetic materials. AM of energetics will solve cost, safety and efficiency problems associated with traditional methods that have remained largely unchanged for over 100 years. The project will deliver new processing methods for energetic materials in AM. Advancements in this field will have wide application in civil, mining, defence and construction industries. 2/10/2017 - 8/3/2020 $2,600,000 $6,107,000
Novel catalytic process for sustainable diesel production from waste Eco Fuel Innovations Pty Ltd
The University of Queensland
Shieldon Pty Ltd
Kunming Sino-Platinum Metals Cayalyst Co
Solid waste is considered to be one of the key feedstocks for the chemical industry in transitioning to a circular economy. This project will deliver the efficient conversion of such waste to high-energy-density liquid fuel using catalytic, low temperature and low pressure depolymerisation. Key to this will be the development of strategies, informed by detailed technoeconomic analysis, to optimise the process, maximise the energy efficiency and bridge the commercialisation valley of death. 1/10/2017 - 30/6/2020 $1,850,000 $7,964,065
Next Generation Dried Blood Spot Pathology Testing using LC-MS MyHealthTest Pty Ltd
Agilent Technologies Australia (M) Pty Ltd
University of Canberra
Prof David Handelsman
Dried blood spot (DBS) samples have many advantages for pathology health testing, especially convenience for patients. It is not suitable however, for all tests using traditional analysis methods. This project will develop and commercialise high throughput dried blood spot sample testing using advanced liquid chromatography-mass spectrometry. The result is cheaper and improved consumer access to a wide range of health tests, improved self-monitoring and health outcomes and lowered national cost of health testing. 1/10/2017 - 30/9/2019 $2,559,000 $8,713,331
Advanced Printing Technology for New Generation Flexible Batteries Printed Energy Pty Ltd
The University of Queensland
The University of New South Wales
Sunset Power International Pty Ltd
Sonovia Holdings LLC
Ultra-thin flexible printed batteries will enable a new generation of innovative devices including Internet of Things devices, wearable electronics, healthcare products and industrial scale solar energy storage. Printing enables batteries of almost any shape to be integrated with other printed electronic devices (like sensors, transistors, printed PV and lights) during the manufacturing process. Advanced printing technology will reduce manufacturing costs using abundant, non-toxic compounds. 1/10/2017 - 30/9/2020 $2,000,000 $11,977,500
Polymer Composite Transoms for Rail Bridge Deck Replacement Austrak Pty Ltd
Laing O'Rourke Australia Construction Pty Ltd
University of Southern Queensland
This program will develop new polymer composite transoms decks to rejuvenate timber decked bridges in the Australian rail network, most notably the Sydney Harbour Bridge. Numerical and experimental studies will underpin the development of cost-effective and durable decking solutions of optimal material distribution. These decking solutions will also be used globally to refurbish and construct rail or road bridges, thus leading to longer life and reducing disruption during refurbishment works. 1/1/2018 - 31/12/2020 $3,000,000 $9,896,285
Design and manufacturing of a 6000 m depth rated medium work class ROV Total Marine Technology Pty Ltd
Sapurakencana Australia Pty Ltd
University of Western Australia
Typhoon MK4 is a medium work class hydraulic remote operating vehicle (ROV) with 75 to 125 hp power and depth rating to 6000 m. Typhoon MK4 is an intervention ROV intended for use in oil and gas industry with cross-over capabilities in a wide range of subsea operations in different industries including research and oceanography, salvage and rescue, defence and fiber optic cable repair sectors. High speed (4+ Knots), built-in simulator, advanced monitoring, control and fault finding system are some of MK4 features. 16/10/2017 - 15/10/2020 $2,996,500 $8,061,015
Breaking the Mould: Making Australian Advanced Manufacturing Portable Effusiontech Pty Ltd
Charles Darwin University
PW Baxter & Associates Pty Ltd
The novel, high speed advanced manufacturing technology developed by SPEE3D will be transformed into a functional portable foundry to serve businesses operating in remote regions of Australia. The CRC-P will support SPEE3D and CDU’s engineering, training, and remote area expertise to deliver a complete package: a portable metal 3D printer, procedures and instructions, and an accredited training course. Remote housing will be the first target for the new, flexible metal manufacturing technology. 1/7/2017 - 30/6/2020 $1,486,200 $4,013,700
A big health data analytics & insights platform for the MTP sector Prospection Pty Ltd
The University of New South Wales
Janssen-Cilag Pty Ltd
The project will develop a commercial analytics platform integrating multiple linked health datasets (Pharmaceutical Benefits Schedule (PBS), Medicare Benefits Schedule (MBS) and other data) for the Medical Technology and Pharmaceutical (MTP) sector. There is significant latent value in these datasets. However, data access, integration and analytics capacity is lacking. The platform will provide this capacity, to provide critical market insights for MTP sector users, supporting decisions spanning R&D, regulatory, market access and post-market phases of the medical product lifecycle. 11/10/2017 - 30/9/2019 $1,948,008 $4,944,001
Australian hitech manufacturer takes-on prostate cancer Cyclotek (Aust) Pty Ltd
GE Healthcare Australia Pty Limited
Macquarie University
Prostate cancer accounts for 19% of all new cancers in Australia and costs around $5.5Bn per annum. 85% of the costs are associated with morbidity and mortality, which can be reduced enormously by a gold standard diagnostic. This project will deliver two significant outcomes: 1) A gold standard diagnostic for prostate cancer that is clinically and economically superior to current tests. 2) An innovation pipeline for development validation of new radio-pharmaceuticals for clinical imaging. 1/10/2017 - 30/9/2020 $1,700,000 $4,445,000
Optimising Nitrogen Recovery in Intensive Animal Production Facilities Coomboona Holdings Pty Ltd
CAF Consulting Services Pty Ltd
The Trustee for The Ming Family Trust
CHM Alliance Pty Ltd
The University of Melbourne
Intensive dairy, pork and poultry industries share the common practice of housing animals through all or part of their productive life. This leads to a concentration of animal waste, high nitrogen loss, detrimental environmental impacts, and health risks. The project will develop cost-effective commercial management of waste for long-term sustainable intensification of the industries, while increasing agricultural productivity, protecting natural resources, and producing high value fertilisers. 1/11/2017 - 30/10/2020 $2,469,431 $7,692,531
High-resolution Real-time Airborne Gravimetry CMG Operations Pty Ltd
Airship Solutions Pty Ltd
Curtin University
Airborne Research South Australia Limited
Geoscience Australia
Geosoft Australia Pty Ltd
Intuitive Machines LLC
University of Texas Institute for Geophysics
This project will dramatically improve the spatial resolution of airborne gravity data by integrating a new lightweight gravimeter with breakthrough NASA technology. The target is to reduce the resolution of the system from kilometres to hundreds of metres. The integrated technology will also remove range limitations of existing GPS-based technology, and will allow transmission of processed gravity data to project managers in real-time, allowing them to interactively optimise flight patterns. 1/10/2017 - 30/9/2019 $1,996,200 $6,569,290
A standardised power conversion module for ocean energy applications BioPower Systems Pty Ltd
C.N.C. Design Pty Ltd
Hydac Pty Ltd
The University of Adelaide
This project will design and build the next generation O-Drive, a power hub for multiple ocean energy converters (wave or tidal currents). It is a hydraulic and electric power hub, converting hydraulic energy coming from wave energy converters (WEC) or tidal current devices, and delivering electricity to the grid. O-Drive2 is compatible with different WEC technologies, such as heaving buoys and oscillating pitching devices, allowing them to connect into it simultaneously to build a wave energy farm. 1/1/2018 - 30/6/2020 $2,100,000 $4,641,750
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Successful CRC-Ps 2nd Selection Round Projects

Title Participants* Description Start/End Date Total Grant amount Total Project Value
Large Area Perovskite Photovoltaic Material Coating on Glass Substrate Dyesol Ltd
CSR Building Products Ltd
This project will develop large-area coating for perovskite solar cell layers, a game-changing 3rd-gen renewable energy innovation, that has projected costs much lower than current photovoltaic cells. 1/4/2017 - 30/9/2018 $2,500,000 $7,182,500
High power density motors incorporating advanced manufacturing methods magniX Technologies Pty Ltd
Ferra Engineering Pty Ltd
The University of Queensland
This project will manufacture an electric motor through optimised motor design, thermal management and advanced materials suitable for aircraft propulsion. 2/3/2017 - 29/2/2020 $2,500,000 $12,055,208
Development of New and Unique Super High Oleic Biobased Oil GO Resources Pty Ltd
Kalyx Australia Pty Ltd
The Trustee for Old Paroo Trust
Cargill Australia Ltd
Swinburne University of Technology
Department of Economic Development Jobs Transport and Resources
Emery Oleochemicals
This project will develop a new and unique biodegradable and renewable biobased oil that has the potential to replace industrial products produced from fossil fuel oils such as lubricants and plastics. 1/4/2017 - 30/9/2019 $3,000,000 $10,170,754
Advanced Manufacturing of High Performance Building Envelope Systems CSR Building Products Ltd
INHABIT Australasia Pty Ltd
University of Melbourne
This project will develop safer, more sustainable and more durable facade systems, which exhibit significantly enhanced air/water tightness, resistance to extreme loads and life cycle energy performance. 15/3/2017 - 29/2/2020 $3,000,000 $10,635,000
Bespoke lightweight automotive carbon fibre composite seats Quickstep Automotive Pty Ltd
Futuris Automotive Interiors (Australia) Pty Ltd
Deakin University
    $1,425,000 $3,466,875
Targeting tropomyosin as a novel anti-cancer therapy Novogen Ltd
I C P – Firefly Pty Ltd
University of New South Wales
This project will create improved clinical chemotherapy products for advanced metastatic disease that selectively destroy cancer cells using anti-tropomyosin drugs. 1/3/2017 - 29/2/2020 $3,000,000 $7,450,000
Novel Glass Technologies and Photovoltaics in Protected Cropping ClearVue Technologies Ltd
Edith Cowan University
Apex Greenhouses (Australia) Pty Ltd
This project will develop and demonstrate cost-effective self-sustaining glasshouses that enable selective control of light radiation, to maximise crop yield, while producing and storing electricity for functions such as heating, air conditioning, water filtration and irrigation. 1/4/2017 - 31/3/2020 $1,620,470 $5,044,459
An integrated modelling system for navigational aid in tidal inlets OMC International Pty Ltd
Pivot Maritime International Pty Ltd
University of Melbourne
MetOcea Solutions Ltd
The project will use new ocean physics to develop an integrated modelling system to improve navigational aid systems and maritime safety whilst providing economic benefits to shipping. 20/3/2017 - 29/2/2020 $425,180 $1,881,500
Field deployable unit for the detection of Perfluorinate contaminants Envirolab Services Pty Ltd
KD Analytical Australia Pty Ltd
University of Tasmania
This project will develop an effective near real-time analysis tool for contaminated site assessment that will monitor drinking water and waste water treatment efficacy for perfluorinated contaminants. 1/3/2017 - 29/2/2020 $2,830,392 $7,487,509
Universal Solar Module Inspection and Data Storage System BT Imaging Pty Ltd
PV Lighthouse Pty Ltd
University of New South Wales
PV Lab Australia Pty Ltd
Epho Pty Limited
DNV GL Group
This project will reduce the failure rate of photo voltaic (PV) solar modules through the development of a proprietary inspection hardware unit, global PV module defect database & big data analytics that will enable testing of solar modules after manufacturing and before installation. 27/3/2017 - 28/2/2019 $1,840,739 $4,399,467
Targeted therapy for sleep apnoea: A novel personalised approach Oventus Medical Ltd
Medical Monitoring Solutions Pty Ltd
Western Sydney University
Neuroscience Research Australia
This project will improve the efficacy, compliance and monitoring of sleep apnoea therapy using a tailored suite of treatments to suit the needs of the individual patients. 1/4/2017 - 31/3/2020 $2,950,000 $10,772,924
Enhanced market agility for the Australian tea tree industry ATTIA Ltd
Southern Cross University
University of the Sunshine Coast
Offco Pty Ltd
P Guinane Pty Ltd
Vitroflora Pty Ltd
Narromine Transplants Pty Ltd
Cassegrain Tea Tree Oil Pty Ltd
Main Camp Natural Extracts Pty Ltd
Kilkie Pty Ltd
Phyllis O’Sullivan, John Murtagh & Michael Flanagan
L Rose & RA Rose
This project will develop new market driven tea tree cultivars, reducing the long product-to-market time lead time and transforming the Australian Tea Tree industry to ensure ongoing access to key markets and the industry’s long-term viability. 1/7/2017 - 30/6/2020 $598,992 $2,272,709
Tech-enabled Care Pathways for Head Trauma Neural Diagnostics Pty Ltd
GE Healthcare Australia Pty Ltd
Monash University
This project will develop affordable and efficient care pathways for concussion and head trauma treatment extending from the playing field to recovery by verifying and/or validating the ability of innovative electrophysiological and magnetic-based neurotechnologies to measure changes in the brain after injury, including changes in cognitive function and/or the emergence of psychological symptoms. 14/6/2017 - 14/5/2020 $2,200,000 $8,112,500
Industrialisation of a novel diagnostic biosensor for bladder cancer SMR Automotive Australia Pty Ltd
University of South Australia
Flinders University
Maddern & Catt Unit Trust
The Trustee for the Pro Health Care Hope Valley Unit Trust
This project will create manufacturing capability for a non-invasive point of care diagnostic device for the early detection of urothelial cancers. 7/9/2016 - 29/2/2020 $2,430,356 $9,246,468
Wear life extension via surface engineered laser cladding for mining LaserBond Ltd
Boart Longyear Ltd
University of South Australia
This project will develop and deploy new surface engineered materials and application technologies to the drilling tools and rig used for exploration and extraction of mining resources. 21/3/2017 - 28/2/2020 $2,616,000 $8,266,000
Graphene Supply Chain Certification Imagine Intelligent Materials Pty Ltd
Agilent Technologies Australia (M) Pty Ltd
Swinburne University of Technology
Australian Engineering Solutions Pty Ltd
Duromer Products Pty Ltd
This project will develop an Australian graphene characterisation and certification capability that will underpin product development and enable Australian SMEs to access new global advanced manufacturing supply chains. 1/4/2017 - 31/3/2020 $943,937 $4,321,866
Power Efficient Wastewater Treatment Using Graphene Oxide Technology Clean Teq Ltd
Iconic Industries Pty Ltd
Monash University
This project will provide the scientific basis for modified graphene oxide adsorbents and membranes that will be used to clean wastewater and recover valuable organics 13/3/2017 - 17/9/2018 $632,285 $1,661,785
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Successful CRC-Ps 1st Selection Round Projects

Title Participants* Description Start/End Date Total Grant amount Total Project Value
The future integrated driver monitoring solution for heavy vehicles Seeing Machines Limited
Monash University
Ron Finemore Transport Services Pty Ltd
The project will develop a driver monitoring concept that will enhance the way the freight industry can monitor and improve driver safety and wellbeing. It will promote Australia as an industry leader in the global freight sector and a world leader in driver state sensing. 1/7/2016 - 28/6/2019 $2,250,000 $6,515,000
Hydrocarbon fuel technology for hypersonic air breathing vehicles DefendTex Pty Ltd
Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology
The University of Queensland
Commonwealth Department of Defence
Teakle Composites
Universität der Bundeswehr
The project will develop new liquid hydrocarbon fuel technology for hypersonic air breathing engines (scramjets) and to support the commercialisation of Australian designed scramjet engines. 1/7/2016 - 30/6/2019 $2,484,509 $9,474,798
Printed solar films for value-added building products for Australia Solafast Pty Ltd
Norwood Industries Pty Ltd
The project will develop a new-to-the-world premium roofing product which takes advantage of the unique features of printed solar films (flexible, lightweight, low cost) and integrates them into an innovative, easy and safe to install roofing product for large-span commercial structures. 1/7/2016 - 30/6/2018 $1,604,633 $3,321,250
Translational R&D to accelerate sustainable omega-3 production Qponics Limited
Nutrition Care Pharmaceuticals Pty Ltd
The University of Queensland
The project will translate proof-of-concept technologies to achieve sustainable, organic production of omega-3 fatty acids from microalgae, including CO2 and recycling and power generation from solar panels and biogas, into a commercial-scale production process. 1/10/2016 - 30/9/2018 $1,000,000 $4,393,000
CRC-P for Innovative Prefabricated Building Systems Speedpanel Australia Ltd
Speedpanel International Ltd
The University of Melbourne
The project will develop an innovative panelised building system using advanced manufacturing techniques for faster and cheaper construction that will be light-weight, easy to construct, reusable, recyclable, and have better load resistance and a lower carbon footprint. 1/7/2016 - 30/6/2019 $3,000,000 $12,000,000
An antibody based in vitro diagnostic for metastatic cancer. Chemocopeia Pty Ltd
Innoviron Pty Ltd
360 Biolabs Pty Ltd
The project will develop production and characterise antibodies that measure a parameter for metastases. This technology will be used to develop a prognostic assay for metastatic disease diagnosis. 1/7/2016 - 30/6/2017 $582,500 $1,174,220
High performance optical telemetry system for ocean monitoring Zedelef Pty Ltd
The University of New South Wales
Thales Underwater Systems Pty Ltd
The project will design and develop high-performance telemetry systems for ocean monitoring purposes and support the commercialisation of new classes of distributed array sonars, which will be of great economic value and of fundamental relevance to national security. 1/7/2016 - 30/6/2018 $764,320 $3,236,320
Combined carbon capture from flue gas streams and mineral carbonation Orica Limited
Mineral Carbonation International Pty Ltd
The University of Newcastle
Greenmag Group Pty Limited
The project will develop a mineral carbonation process for directly capturing and storing CO2 from raw flue gas and building a research pilot plant to prove the viability and investigate commercial potential to transform CO2 into stable solid carbonates for industry. 1/7/2017 - 30/6/2020 $2,402,390 $8,277,401
Strengthening Australia’s radiopharmaceutical development capabilities Clarity Pharmaceuticals Pty Ltd
The Trustee for Virgo Unit Trust
The University of Queensland
The project will develop new capabilities and processes to deal with innovative technologies, methodologies and products for clinical trials in nuclear medicine. This project will focus on a trial in children’s cancer using SARTATE™ and aims to develop new regulatory and manufacturing capabilities in Australian hospitals, research centres and service providers. 1/10/2016 - 30/9/2019 $2,513,000 $6,553,000
Innovation in Advanced Multi-Storey Housing Manufacture Lendlease Development Pty Limited
University of Sydney
Lendlease Timber Solutions Pty Ltd
Keesteel Engineering (Aust) Pty Ltd
The project will develop prefabricated multi-storey housing solutions that use high-tech, renewable materials and advanced manufacturing processes. The project represents a great opportunity to bring innovation to the residential construction market in response to demand for affordable and diverse housing solutions. 1/7/2016 - 30/6/2019 $3,000,000 $7,305,000
Future Oysters CRC-P Australian Seafood Industries Pty Limited
Select Oyster Company Pty Ltd
Oysters Australia Ltd
South Australian Department of Primary Industries and Regions
Fisheries Research & Development Corp University of Tasmania
University of the Sunshine Coast
Macquarie University
NSW Department of Industry, Skills and Regional Development
The Flinders University of South Australia
The University of Newcastle
The University of Adelaide
University of Technology Sydney
The Yield Technology Solutions Pty Ltd
The project will conduct research that will accelerate the breeding of disease resistant oysters, improving disease management, increasing productivity and profitability; and diversifying risks to allow the Australian oyster aquaculture industry to grow both domestically and globally. 1/9/2016 - 31/8/2019 $3,000,000 $11,186,189

*First organisation is the lead participant

Note: The information above was correct at time of announcement.

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