April 2021 funding offers

Applicant Name Project Title Grant Amount
(ex GST)
Incisive Technologies Pty Ltd BlueCheck, a novel solution for early identification of tooth decay $1,000,000
Zip Diagnostics Pty Ltd Novel Point-of-Care Diagnostic for Infectious Diseases $750,000
Accurate Dosing Systems Pty Ltd Integrated Volumetric Dosing System $570,000
USM Pty Ltd Integrated personal saftey management solution $698,912
VetDB Pty Ltd VetDB: a world’s first platform to manage verifiable medical data $477,973
BlockTexx Py Ltd BlockTexx world first textile recovery technology $991,617
Simple Food Safety Pty Ltd Simple Food Safety & Consumer Meal Management Software $497,500
Sportcor Industries Pty Ltd Smartball Commercialisation $895,485
Advanced Mobility Analytics Group Pty Ltd AI-Enabled Predictive Analytics Platform for Improved Road Safety $750,000
Anditi Pty Ltd Automated Road Asset and Safety Star Rating Assessment System (Road.ai) $790,598
Beam Australia Operations Pty Ltd Beamible: the first bottom-up work design & workforce insights platform $401,282
InvertiGro Pty Ltd InvertiGro vertical farming customer-ready IOT platform and software stack $651,658

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