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April 2020 funding offers

Applicant Name Project Title Grant Amount (ex GST)
Biofouling Solutions Pty Ltd BMP+: A biofouling management solution for the global shipping sector $164,194
Clutch Industries Pty Ltd Universal Sealed Clutch System $648,663
Corrosion Instruments Pty Ltd Satellite Connected Polarisation and Interference Monitoring System $326,882
G&T Technology Pty Ltd Wine blockchain security and digital screwcap $150,000
handdii Pty Ltd Commercialization of handdii - property insurance repairs made easy $555,000
How Too Pty Ltd Launch of the How Too digital learning authoring platform $497,122
Hydrotech Monitoring Pty Ltd Software that combines all aspects of farm management in one platform. $506,293
Kilic Engineering Pty Ltd Grain Pile Reclaim System for the USA Market $478,048
Lenexa Medical Pty Ltd Personalised pressure injury prevention for better patient outcomes $650,000
Lifetech Balance Pty Ltd Parental aid to manage the impact of screen time and child actions $298,450
MyVenue Pty Ltd Stadium and venue point of sale system commercialisation. $533,374
Obadare Pty Ltd Engineering Package - Drilling and Workover Rig Classes $1,000,000
Okkular Pty Ltd AI solutions making Retailers products more discoverable to users. $425,000
Persollo Pty Ltd AI-powered Instant Checkout and Analytics Platform $395,000
Rehabswift Pty Ltd RehabSwift: A Customised Brain-Computer Interface for Stroke Recovery $144,590
Sensortine Pty Ltd Moisture Sensing Broad-Acre Seeder with Autonomous Depth Control $684,000
Sentinel 9 Pty Ltd Innovative Education Platform & Methodology Delivering Masters Courses $280,000
Sportech Industries Pty Ltd MyCall: Sensor technology for cricket $225,000
ThinkBio Pty LTd Delivering a sustainable form of nitrogen to growers around the world $219,750

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Portfolio companies

The Accelerating Commercialisation Portfolio is made up of high performance companies that have received a grant in the last 2 years.

The Portfolio:

  • offers high performance companies with commercialisation and partnering opportunities
  • is a resource for those who want to partner with high-potential, innovative Australian small and medium sized businesses

The Portfolio list includes the business name, web address, project location, market and technology type, and a summary of the funded project.

The Alumni list provides the details of former successful Portfolio companies and their funded project.