Building Better Regions Fund – Infrastructure Projects Stream – Round 4 – Drought Support

The Round 4 Infrastructure Projects Stream supports projects which involve the construction, upgrade or extension of infrastructure in drought-affected areas. Through these projects, it aims to provide both economic and social benefits.
Close date: 19 Dec 2019 05:00 PM AEDT.
What do you get?

Grants of $20,000 to $10 million to cover 50% or more of project costs.

Who is this for?

A not-for-profit, local government or non-distributing co-operative.


The $841.6 million Building Better Regions Fund (BBRF) supports the Australian Government’s commitment to:

  • create jobs
  • drive economic growth
  • build stronger regional communities into the future

For Round 4 there is a total of $200 million available.

The Infrastructure Projects Stream supports projects that provide economic and social benefits to regional and remote areas. The projects can be either construction of new infrastructure or the upgrade or extension of existing infrastructure.

Grants are from $20,000 up to $10 million.

For most projects grant funding will be up to either 50% or 75% of your eligible project costs. Your location will determine the percentage of grant funding you can receive.

You may apply for a partial or full exemption to your contribution requirement if you can demonstrate that you are experiencing exceptional circumstances.


What are the eligibility criteria?

To be eligible you must have an Australian business number (ABN).

You must be one of the following:

  • an incorporated not-for-profit organisation
  • an Australian local government agency or body as defined in the glossary of the grant opportunity guidelines
  • a non-distributing co-operative

We can only accept applications where:

  • your project is taking place in a drought-affected location in Australia, as outlined under 2.1.2 of the grant opportunity guidelines
  • your project is located in Australia and in an eligible location unless you can clearly demonstrate the significant benefits and employment outcomes, that flow directly into an eligible area
  • you can provide evidence of how you will provide your share of project costs if applicable
  • you can confirm that you have the authority of the land or infrastructure project owner to undertake the project at the nominated site(s).

As part of the application process, you will be required to provide evidence supporting your claim that your project will be delivered in a location affected by drought. This evidence could include:

  • projects located in a local government area that is eligible for the Australian Government’s Drought Communities Programme - Extension
  • projects located in a locality drought-declared by the relevant state or territory government
  • official Bureau of Meteorology rainfall data indicating an extended period without or significant decline in rainfall
  • demonstrated impact of economic and/or employment decline as a result of drought.

Your project must:

  • be taking place in a drought-affected location in Australia, as outlined under 2.1.2 of the grant opportunity guidelines
  • be seeking a grant of at least $20,000, and up to a maximum of $10 million
  • be aimed at the construction, upgrade or extension of infrastructure that provides economic and social benefits to regional and remote areas
  • comprise one of the following activities
    • the construction of new infrastructure
    • the upgrade to existing infrastructure
    • the extension of existing infrastructure
    • the replacement of infrastructure where there is a significant increase in benefit
  • be considered an investment ready project (refer to Section 2.1.1 of the grant opportunity guidelines)
  • not have started construction
  • be completed by 31 December 2022.

For more information on eligibility please refer to the grant opportunity guidelines.

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How do you apply?

You should read the Am I ready to apply factsheet, Grant opportunity guidelines and Sample grant agreement before you apply.

Grant opportunity guidelines provide detailed information on the grant opportunity, including:

  • granting activity objectives
  • all eligibility and assessment criteria
  • the assessment processes
  • reporting and acquittal requirements
  • a description of review mechanisms

To apply, you must submit your application through the online portal. You’ll need to set up an account when you first log into the portal. The portal allows you to apply for and manage a grant or service in a secure online environment.


Apply now for Round 4 of the Building Better Regions Fund Infrastructure Projects Stream - Drought Support

Before you apply, make sure you:

  • read the grant opportunity guidelines
  • read the sample grant agreement
  • understand the assessment criteria
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Need help?

Contact us for help with your application or to find out more.

Monday – Friday, 8am – 8pm across Australia

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