Finding government statistics

A wide range of government statistics is available to help you make better decisions about the marketing and promotion of your business.

Australian Bureau of Statistics

The official statistical agency of Australia is the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS). It's a valuable source of information on economic, environmental, industrial, demographic and regional statistics, used by governments, businesses, the education sector and the wider community. The ABS provides online information, subscriptions, in-depth access to information consultancy, expert survey advice and statistical training.

Social Atlases also cover many of the above topics, and are specific for each of the capital cities and surrounding areas.

You can find further ABS information using the National Information and Referral Service. You can access the service by calling 1300 135 070. The ABS also provides a list of links to its services and to other statistical sources.

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Other government statistics

  • Australian Food Statistics - provides data on all levels of food processing from raw agricultural product to highly processed food.
  • Immigration Statistics - The Department of Home Affairs has information on population flows, migration and visas.
  • Industry information - Safe Work Australia provides Occupational Health and Safety statistics for a range of industries.
  • Labour Market Information Portal - The Department of Education, Employment and Workplace Relations publishes information on employment and labour force data.
  • Quota Management and Statistics - The Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry provides statistics on red meat and livestock export including latest meat export figures.
  • Statistical Information Service - The Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT) provides statistics on specialised trade and other economic data in relation to Australia and the rest of the world.
  • Taxation Statistics - The Australian Taxation Office (ATO) provides a summary of the latest taxation, superannuation and industry benchmark statistics.
  • Tourism Research Australia (TRA) - TRA collects data and statistics across domestic and international markets of the tourism industry. A range of research papers and publications are available for free download.
  • Tourism Statistics - The Australian Bureau of Statistics provides a wealth of statistical information on various aspects of tourism.
  • Transport Statistics - The Bureau of Transport Economics (BTE) provides data under the headings of aviation, maritime, rail, road and safety.

What to do...

  • Visit the ABS Small business page to find out what services they provide for small businesses.
  • See what market research information is available in your state or territory.

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