Managing and developing staff

Getting the best out of your employees requires strong management. This is often the responsibility of the business owner and manager. It's important to assist staff to make sure they are trained to complete their job and have a safe workplace.

Managing staff

Managing employees can be challenging, but good employee management can lower staff turnover and create a productive and successful workplace. Effective employee management can inspire, lead and motivate your employees to accomplish the goals of the business.

Create a happy and healthy workplace for your employees

A happy and healthy workplace can help reduce staff turnover and improve efficiency, check out our information to help you:

Record keeping and you employees

If you employ staff, you're legally required to keep accurate and complete records on each of your employees.

Read our employees and record keeping information to help you know what records you need to keep.

Staff development and training

Training your staff is an important activity for your business, it will help improve your employees skill set, keep them up-to-date on the latest industry standards and make sure your business is productive and competitive.

Check out our training information to help you:

  • identify the skills your business needs
  • explore the training options available
  • know the funding and programmes available to help develop the skills of your employees.

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