Employee Pay Slips

If you employ staff in your business, you'll already know the importance of paying them correctly and on-time.

Being aware of your obligations for providing pay slips is an equally important, though less understood requirement.

Legal requirements

The Fair Work Ombudsman provides simple advice on how to meet your legal obligations. Some of the legal requirements you should be aware of include:

  • giving all employees a pay slip within one working day of their pay day, even when they're on leave.
  • making sure the correct information is provided on the pay slip.
  • issuing the pay slip either electronically or on paper.

It's also recommended that you:

  • use plain English
  • give pay slips to staff securely and confidentially in an easily printable format
  • ensure your staff can access and print their pay slips in private.

Not providing a pay slip, or providing one without the required information, can result in a fine for your business.

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