Developing your skills and the skills of your employees can help to keep your business competitive. Investing in skills and training can increase productivity and innovation, help you attract and retain high quality employees and improve customer satisfaction.

Take the time to work out what skills will help your business grow and what support is available for your business.

Identify your skill needs

To help you understand the type of training that will benefit and suit your business, you’ll need to identify the skills your business needs, and the skills you and your staff have at the moment.

Explore your training options

There is no one right way to develop skills in your business. You and your employees can explore a range of training options, including formal courses, apprenticeships and traineeships, mentoring and workshops.

Find skills funding and programmes

If you need help developing your skills or the skills of your employees, check out our list of government funded programmes.

Build a diverse workplace

Employing people with different backgrounds means you can access a wider range of skills. You might want the experience of a mature-age worker to help you manage your business, or the enthusiasm and fresh ideas of an apprentice or trainee.

Find out more on how to build a diverse workplace.

National Training Complaints Hotline

Through the National Training Complaints Hotline, complaints will be directed to relevant authorities, connecting consumers with the most appropriate organisation to assist them.

The National Training Complaints Hotline not only helps apprentices and students to lodge complaints but also serves employers concerned about any aspect of the training system.

Industry led arrangements for Training Packages

Employers can have a say about the occupation standards included in the national Vocational Education and Training system Training Packages through the Australian Industry and Skills Committee, and their Industry Reference Committees.

Industry Reference Committees are responsible for ensuring that Training Packages, and the qualifications and skills sets within these packages, meet the needs of employers.

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