Fair trading laws

You need to know your rights and responsibilities according to fair trading laws.

Competition and Consumer Act

The main federal law, the Competition and Consumer Act 2010 (CCA), ensures that trading is fair for your business and your customers. You can check if your business is compliant using the small business self assessment tool.

The CCA covers most aspects of the marketplace: dealings with suppliers, wholesalers, retailers, competitors and customers. It deals with unfair market practices, industry codes of practice, mergers and acquisitions of companies, product safety, collective bargaining, product labelling, price monitoring, and the regulation of industries such as telecommunications, gas, electricity and airports.

The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) administers the CCA. It promotes good business practices for a fair and efficient marketplace. Go to the ACCC for information about federal competition, fair trading and consumer protection laws.

Fair trading laws in your state or territory

Consumer protection is governed by state and territory laws (in the form of a Fair Trading Act in most cases). Familiarise yourself with the laws in your region.

See your state or territory fair trading offices for advice on business rights and obligations under fair trading laws. If you're unsure how fair trading laws apply to your situation, think about seeking independent legal advice.

Australian Capital Territory

Access Canberra administers the ACT Fair Trading Act 1992. Their website provides information on codes of practice and other business guides for traders.

New South Wales

NSW Fair Trading administers the NSW Fair Trading Act 1987. Fair Trading's Acceptable business conduct webpage provides business operators with information about how to trade fairly in New South Wales.

Northern Territory

Consumer Affairs administers the NT Consumer Affairs and Fair Trading Act.

Find information on trader issues such as advertising, business tenancies, disposal of uncollected goods and product safety.


The QLD Office of Fair Trading administers the QLD Fair Trading Act 1989 - PDF 0.4MB. See their website for information on business rights and responsibilities.

South Australia

Consumer and Business Services (CBS) administers the SA Fair Trading Act 1987. It provides businesses with information on fair trading laws, advertising, handling complaints and warranties.


Consumer Affairs and Fair Trading administers the TAS Fair Trading Act . Their website has publications covering many aspects of fair trading.


Consumer Affairs Victoria administers the VIC Fair Trading Act 1999.

Forms and publications are available to assist businesses in giving the best deal in the marketplace.

Western Australia

Department of Commerce administers the WA Fair Trading Act 2010.

The Department of Commerce's Consumer protection business page covers issues such as product safety, selling goods and services, advertising, promotion and sales practices and real estate and property.

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