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Managing a small business after the bushfires

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Recovering from a bushfire as a small business owner can be overwhelming. It’s important you don’t feel rushed and get help so you can make the right decisions for you and your business.

Assess and plan

Before you start, it's a good idea to plan what you need to do to recover your business.

Our business recovery checklist and your business emergency management and recovery plan (if you have one) can help you to:

  • assess the impact of the bushfires on your business
  • prioritise and plan your efforts to recover
  • understand what you need to consider before you can return to business

Download the business recovery checklist.

Contact your insurer and get advice

Contact your insurer to check that you're covered for any damage to your property. Before you start making any repairs, your insurer may need to authorise them.

Get expert advice

Consider talking to a business adviser to help you through the process of business recovery. Use our adviser search tool to find an adviser in your area.

Rebuilding your business

If you’ve assessed the impact of the fires on your business, and decide to rebuild your business premises:

  • speak to builders about timeframes
  • talk to your local council about planning permits, if required
  • consider relocating your business to a temporary place such as a business centre or your home while you’re rebuilding
  • consider a virtual office service such as a phone answering service or remote secretarial service
  • be wary of importing materials to rebuild – check for extra costs like dumping and countervailing duties
  • look after your employees – encourage them to work from home or a temporary location if possible

Supporting small businesses after the bushfires

Small businesses need our support to rebuild and recover from the bushfires. Your support will help them keep staff on and stay in business.

Watch how these 2 businesses – both part of the Small Business Digital Champions project – are now back up and running after the bushfires.

Supporting small businesses after the bushfires – Kangaroo Island

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Back in business?

If your business is back up and running, you may find your market, suppliers and other aspects of business have changed.

  • Monitor your cash flow – keep an eye on changes to your turnover so you can adjust expenses if you need to.
  • Promote your business – review your market, look for new ways to promote your business and update your marketing plan.
  • Update your emergency plan – your business may have changed and you’ve probably learnt from your experiences with the bushfires.

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