Rates & Property Tax

Rates are property taxes charged by local government on properties in their municipal area. You'll receive a rates bill from your local council on any property your business owns.

Rates can cover the payment of a range of public or community services including the running of the council, roads, bridges, kerbing, parks and gardens, immunisation, libraries, community activities, tree planting and pest eradication.

The price, method of valuation and timing of rates payments is variable across councils. How much you pay depends on the value of your property.

What rates will I need to pay?

As rates are charged by your local council they may vary, however rates are generally categorised as Residential, Business, and sometimes Business CBD.

Some examples of rates charged by your council may include:

  • general rates
  • Utility rates for things like gas, stormwater management or waste management services.
  • Other special rates or charges - these may be on off charges and will depend on your council.

Rates are usually charged on a quarterly basis.

Who do I talk to about my rates?

You can speak to your local council about your rates to find out what charges apply to your business.

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