Creating your online presence

To stand out from the growing number of online businesses, you'll need to find a way to make yours unique. Even if your product or service isn't a one-off, try to think of an approach that will make it stand out. This could be a custom-designed website, or the way your goods are delivered.

The kind of website you create will vary from business to business. In fact, you may not even make a 'traditional' website – instead, you might like to use a host website or service to create an online shop, or a blog.

Whichever option you choose for your business is known as your 'online presence'. You can even use multiple options to create your online presence, through cross-promotion and content sharing.

Options for taking your business online

Some of the options for getting online are:

  • creating a website for your business
  • opening up an online shop or store, or trading in an online marketplace (e-marketplaces)
  • blogging
  • using social media to communicate with your customers
  • using digital media channels, like video hosting sites for example.

Each online option has pros and cons. Consider the goals of your business before you decide which approach is best for you. It's a good idea to update your Business Plan and Marketing Plan, and create a Social Media Plan if you opt to use social media.

Find out more

  • Read about business planning to help you when writing your business and marketing plans.
  • Find out how to get started on social media.
  • Read information on domain names to learn more about how to choose and register a domain name for your business.

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