Creating a healthy lifestyle for your employees

Are you losing your employees during this cold and flu season? Check out our tips to keep your employees fit and healthy.

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Invest in your employees and your business by encouraging a healthy and more productive workplace! The benefits of a healthy workplace can include:

  • reduction in employee absences
  • limited increased workloads for healthy employees
  • happier staff
  • showing a commitment to the wellbeing of your employees
  • improved business reputation.

How can you create a healthy workplace?

Employee vaccinations

When flu season occurs, offer free employee flu vaccinations to help reduce the risk of staff getting sick.

Get active

Being active is extremely important for preventing disease and illness. Regular exercise can lower blood pressure and cholesterol levels as well as boost the mood of your employees. Here are some low cost options to help your employees stay active:

  • fun runs and charity events
  • installation of bike racks and showers
  • creating a lunchtime exercise group
  • walking meetings
  • enter your workplace into a social sports competition.

You are what you eat!

A healthy diet within your workplace prevents illness and increases energy levels within your staff. To help your staff stay healthy you can:

  • provide a free fruit bowl
  • arrange healthy food and drink options when catering
  • have healthy options in vending machines
  • provide a fridge, sandwich toaster and microwave so staff can bring in their own healthy meals.

Encourage proper hygiene

Some ways in which you can promote a high standard of hygiene in your workplace are:

  • empty garbage bins on a regular basis
  • ensure that the restrooms are cleaned regularly
  • provide first aid equipment
  • provide personal hygiene equipment such as hand sanitiser and tissues
  • supply disinfectant and wipes that allow employees to clean their personal workspaces.

Mental health

Poor mental health is one of the leading causes of work place absence in Australia and it is highly likely that every worker will be affected by work related stress at some time during their career. However there are measures you can take to look after the mental health of your employees:

  • provide adequate lunch breaks
  • promote physical activity and healthy eating
  • ensure that your employees have a good work-life balance.

Healthy workplace subsidies

Rewarding healthy behaviour can play a large role in promoting wellbeing and productivity within the workplace. You can offer a healthy lifestyle subsidy, which can help pay a portion of your employee’s gym membership or a contribution towards the purchase of exercise clothing and equipment.

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