Cultural and Linguistic Diversity

Australia has a culturally diverse workforce, so it's important your business knows how to manage a culturally diverse workplace.

Benefits of managing a culturally diverse workplace

Research shows how cultural diversity can be good for business, including:

  • better business performance and productivity from employees
  • more creative and innovative thinking among staff
  • improved staff health and wellbeing
  • lower risk of discrimination and harassment in the workplace.

The Workplace cultural diversity tool

The free Workplace cultural diversity tool from the Australian Human Rights Commission can help you find out:

  • practical ways to manage cultural diversity in your workplace
  • what best practice is for cultural diversity in the workplace
  • how your business rates against 30 best practice standards.

Once you complete the tool, you'll get a confidential report that shows how your business performs against each section. In the report, you can make notes about the actions you'd like to take to help your business reach the next level.

You can use the tool at any time to see how your business is progressing in managing cultural diversity.

What are you waiting for? Take the test now and see how your business rates!

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