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Regardless of whether you are writing a business, marketing or emergency management plan, here are some suggestions on what to include in the title page of your plan.

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What to include on the title page of a business plan?

  • Insert business logo - Adding a logo gives a more professional image.
  • Name and overview of the plan- Is it a business plan, a marketing plan or an Emergency Management and Recovery Plan?
  • Your name - Enter the business owner's name. Enter multiple names if there are multiple owners.
  • Your title - The titles of the business owner(s) listed above. For example: Owner/Manager.
  • Business name - Enter your business name as registered in your state/territory.
  • Main business address - Enter your main business address. This can be your home address if you are a home-based business or your head office if you have more than one location.
  • ABN - Enter your Australian Business Number (ABN). If you are a business and have registered for an ABN enter it here.
  • ACN - Enter your Australian Company Number (ACN). Only include this if you are a company.
  • Prepared - The date you finished preparing your plan. This may also be important when making note of a date for revision
  • Revision history table - Detail the changes made to your plan: (version number, changes made, person responsible and date updated).
  • Communication strategy table - Details of who & how often you will communicate your plan: (manager/staff, type of communication, person responsible and frequency).
  • Table of contents - Remember to update the table of contents as you write your plan.

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