Develop your social media strategy

When writing the social media strategy part of your plan, consider your vision and goals, your target market, your competitors and the way you will communicate and engage with your customers.

Vision and goals section

Your vision statement

Include your vision statement from your business / marketing plan. The vision statement briefly outlines your future plan for the business. It should state clearly what your overall goals for the business are.

Your goals and objectives

Include your short and long term goals from your business / marketing plan. What activities will you undertake to meet them?

Your market section

Target market

Consider who are you targeting through your social media tools / websites. What percentage of your target market are using social media. Record this under the target market section of your plan.

Communications and engagement

Under the Communications and engagement heading, consider how you will engage with your target audience and how often. How will you be establishing and maintaining communication?

List out each tool you will be using, and against each tool, consider the target audience.

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