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Industry fact sheets

Each industry has its own unique legal, operational and business requirements. Whether you're a plumber looking for the latest code, a retailer checking your workplace health and safety requirements or a business undertaking market research for your business plan, our industry fact sheets can help you find the information you need.

We have included the most common industries below. For more advice on your particular industry, speak to one of your industry associations or find your nearest business adviser.

Accommodation and food services

Take a look at the Accommodation and food services industry fact sheet if your business provides short-term accommodation for visitors and/or hospitality services including meals, snacks, and beverages for consumption by customers both on and off-site. These may include:

  • hotels, motels, serviced apartments, cafes, restaurants, takeaways, pubs, bars, night clubs, taverns and other businesses that sell meals, snacks and beverages.

Administrative and support services

Check out the Administrative and support services industry fact sheet if your business provides:

  • employment services, travel agency services, tour arrangement services, administrative services, building cleaning, pest control, gardening services, packaging services, or support activities for day-to-day operations of other businesses.

Agriculture, fisheries and forestry industry

The Agriculture, fisheries and forestry industry covers three diverse groups of businesses including the:

  • Agriculture industry - read this fact sheet if you’re a grower (turf, flowers, vegetables, fruit, nuts, grain & other crops), farmer (sheep, cattle, poultry, deer and other livestock) or nursery owner.
  • Fisheries industry - read this fact sheet if you’re a fishing, hunting, trapping or aquaculture businesses. 
  • Forestry industry - read this fact sheet if you’re carrying out forestry gathering and growing activities, or logging activities (including logging, hewing, shaping, cutting or felling).

Arts and recreation services

See the Arts and recreation services industry fact sheet if you're a business involved in:

  • live performances, events or exhibits (e.g. artists, musicians, writers, performers and venue operators)
  • sporting or recreational activities (e.g. sports venues, gyms, sports clubs, amusement parks, horse and dog racing)
  • the preservation and exhibition of historical, cultural or educational objects (e.g. museums, zoos, nature reserves, botanical gardens and parks)
  • gambling activities (e.g. casino, online gambling and lottery operators).

Building and construction industry

Read our Building and construction industry fact sheet if you’re a businesses in residential and non-residential construction. This includes businesses that provide services such as:

  • building structure and installation, heavy and civil engineering, land development or site preparation.

Also find out more on the National Construction Code.

If you’re an architect, you may also be interested in our Professional, scientific and technical services industry fact sheet.

Financial and insurance services

The Financial and insurance services fact sheet is for businesses involved in financial transactions such as buying, selling, creating or changing ownership of financial assets. It's also for business that take deposits, issue securities, provide insurance and superannuation products, or regulate financial activities. This includes:

  • banks and credit unions, superannuation providers, insurance companies, investment advisors, stockbrokers and wealth management firms.

Information media and telecommunications

Explore the Information media and telecommunications industry fact sheet to find information relevant to businesses involved in:

  • Publishing - newspapers, magazines, books, directories, software, motion picture and sound recording.
  • Broadcasting - internet, radio and television.
  • Services - telecommunications, internet service providers, web search portals, data processing, web hosting, electronic information storage and library.


See our Manufacturing industry fact sheet if your business is involved in transforming materials, substances or components into new products. These products can include:

  • food, beverage, tobacco, textiles, leather, clothing, footwear, wood, pulp and paper, printing, chemicals, metals, plastics, machinery and equipment, or furniture.

Professional, scientific and technical services

Check our Professional, scientific and technical services industry fact sheet to find information relevant to your specific profession, including:

  • scientists, accountants, advertising/marketing specialists, lawyers/solicitors, vets, management/other consultants, photographers, architects, engineers and computer system designers.

Rental, hiring and real estate services

Read our Rental hiring and real estate services industry fact sheet if you’re a property rental or real estate agent or a business that provides:

  • renting and hiring services for motor vehicles, transport equipment, farm animal & bloodstock, video and other electronic media, heavy machinery, scaffolding, or intangible assets (e.g. patents and trademarks).

Retail and wholesale trade

Check out our Retail and wholesale trade industry fact sheet if you sell and distribute goods such as:

  • electrical and electronic goods, floor covering, food and grocery, fuel, furniture and housewares, hardware, building and garden supplies, motor vehicles and parts, personal accessories, pharmaceutical, recreational goods, textiles, clothing or footwear.


Take a look at our Tourism industry fact sheet if you sell goods or provide services to visitors who have travelled from their usual place of residence (international or domestic) such as:

  • tour operators, travel agents, short-term accommodation providers, recreation service providers, and transport and hire service providers.

Transport, postal and warehousing

See our Transport, postal and warehousing industry fact sheet if your business is involved in:

  • transporting passengers via taxi and luxury car hire services
  • transporting passengers and freight by road, rail, water or air
  • postal, courier pick-up and delivery services
  • scenic and sightseeing transport
  • warehousing and other storage activities.

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