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What is the country of origin labelling online tool?

The tool will recommend one of the following labelling outcomes for your product:

  • the standard mark
  • a country of origin statement
  • no origin label needed

The tool only generates standard mark labels. It doesn’t generate country of origin statements (without the outline box) but it does show you how to create your own origin statement.

If the tool recommends no label, it means the food product does not require a standard mark or a country of origin statement.

Prepare to use the online tool

When you’re ready to create your country of origin label, make sure you know:

  • if your product contains Australian ingredients
  • the percentage (or average percentage) of Australian ingredients in your product
  • the name of the country where your product was made (‘last substantially transformed’) or virtually all of its processing was undertaken
  • if your product will be sold packaged or unpackaged
  • the name of the country where your product was packaged
  • if any of your product’s processing activities occurred overseas
  • the origin of specific ingredients you want to highlight

Country of origin labelling checklist

Before you use the country of origin labelling online tool, download our checklist for a list of information you may need to help you answer the questions.

Country of origin labelling online tool

You’ll be asked a series of questions about your food product when you use the tool. Your response to each question will determine the label recommended by the tool. Please allow at least 15 minutes for each food product when using the tool.

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