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Register your company

Before registering as a company

Find out more about setting up and running a company, before you decide to register as a company. A company has different legal, financial and record keeping responsibilities compared to other business structures.

Understand directors' responsibilities and personal liability

Read the Sole trader to a company section for more information on directors' responsibilities, your potential personal liability and company tax obligations. These obligations affect your legal requirements when running a company. Read How to start a company on the Australian Securities & Investments Commission (ASIC) website to understand the requirements before deciding to register a company.

How to choose a company name

When you register as a company you can choose to register a company name, although a company name is not compulsory. The name of your company can be its Australian Company Number (ACN), the unique number automatically given to a company by ASIC when it’s registered. You can select to use the ACN as your company name when you complete your application and you won’t have to nominate a name.

If you decide to use a company name it must show the legal status of the company. A proprietary company must include the word 'Proprietary' or the abbreviation 'Pty' in its name. It must also show the liability of its members, unless the members' liability is unlimited. For example:

  • If the liability of the company's members is limited to the amount unpaid on their shares, the company name must end with the word 'Proprietary Limited'.
  • If the liability of the members is unlimited, the company name will only end with the words 'Proprietary'.

Restrictions on company names

You can only choose a company name not already registered to a company or business. Special approval is also required to use certain words in your company name. Check out ASIC’s Company name availability page to learn more.

If your company carries on business in a name different to your registered company name, then you must register the business name.

Your business name does not protect your intellectual property or brand. Understand the differences between a business name and a trade mark before deciding whether to register a trade mark.

How do I register a company name?

You can apply for a company name and other key business registrations using one form on the Business Registration Service.

The Business Registration Service is available for:

  • New businesses starting as a sole trader, joint venture, company, trust, partnership or superannuation fund who can apply for a business name, Australian Business Number (ABN), company and tax registrations.
  • Existing companies with an ABN, who can apply for tax registrations or an AUSkey login.

Register a company

Registering an Indigenous corporation

Did you know you can register your Indigenous business as an Indigenous corporation?

The Corporations Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Act 2006  (CATSI Act) allows Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander groups to form Indigenous corporations.

What's an Australian Company Number (ACN)?

An ACN is a unique nine-digit number that every company in Australia has.

ACNs are managed by the Australian Securities & Investments Commission (ASIC).

Do I need an ACN?

If your business is a company, then you'll need an ACN. By law, an ACN must be shown on a number of documents, including:

  • accounting statements, such as invoices
  • any documents you lodge with ASIC
  • receipts (if they're not machine generated, e.g. from a cash register)
  • orders for products and services
  • business letterheads
  • official company notices
  • cheque, or any documents that represent a legal amount of payment
  • written ads making a specific offer that can be accepted (such as by completing an order form).

If your company also registers for an ABN, then your ACN will form part of your ABN. In these cases, you won't need to display your ACN if your documents already display your ABN and company name.

For reasons why you may like to register an ABN for your company, check out our article on Australian Business Number (ABN).

How do I register for an ACN?

You are automatically given an ACN when you register a company.

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