Service availability

Our services

To provide the best service to our customers, we occasionally plan interruptions and outages to our services to perform maintenance and upgrades.

To help you plan around this, we'll publish dates and information about any upcoming work we schedule.

Where possible, we arrange work to be done outside of business hours to minimise any impact on your business.

You'll find information on this page for the following services:

  • ABN Lookup
  • Australian Business Licence and Information Service (ABLIS)
  • Business Consultation website
  • Business or Hobby tool
  • Business Registration Service
  • Country of Origin Labelling tool
  • Major Projects Help tool
  • Super Fund Lookup.

Stay informed

Follow us on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn for updates and reminders on planned and unplanned outages and interruptions to services.

What to do if I'm experiencing a technical issue

Contact us for support if you're currently experiencing difficulty using one of our services and there are no planned interruptions or outages underway.

When you contact us it can be helpful for you to tell us things like:

  • what date and time it happened
  • what website or online service you were using
  • what web page you were viewing
  • what browser you were using (e.g. Internet Explorer, FireFox, Safari or Chrome)
  • what device you were using (e.g. mobile phone, laptop or desktop)
  • what operating system your device uses (e.g. Windows, iOS, Linux)

Supported browsers and operating systems is tested to display and function correctly against the following browser and operating system combinations:

  • Internet Explorer 11 on Windows 7+
  • Microsoft Edge on Windows 7+
  • Chrome 56+ on Windows 7+
  • Firefox 51+ on Windows 7+
  • Safari 10 on iOS 10
  • Latest version of Safari on iPhone 6, iPhone 7 and iPad
  • Latest version of Chrome on Galaxy S5+

Service schedules for other Australian Government agencies

Visit the following websites to find out about planned interruptions and outages that may impact your business:

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