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By signing up to the email subscription service, you agree that you have read and acknowledge this information.

What happens to the information you provide?

The information you provide will be made available to the Department of Industry, Innovation and Science (the Department) and to Campaign Monitor Pty Ltd (Campaign Monitor).

Campaign Monitor collects and holds the information and makes it available to the Department. This information is collected so the Department may use Campaign Monitor's services. Campaign Monitor's Terms of Use enables websites 'to sign up website visitors, collect and retrieve visitor sign-up data, and to develop and execute email communications with visitors and others (including your customers)'.

The Department will use the information you provide to send you relevant emails.

Our privacy policy

The Department's Privacy Policy contains information about:

  • how to access the personal information the Department holds about you, and how you may seek to correct this information.
  • how you may complain about a breach of the Australian Privacy Principles
  • how the Department will deal with such a complaint.

Campaign Monitor's privacy policy

Campaign Monitor's servers are located in the United States of America (USA), and they hold the information you provide. Relevant legislation of the USA will apply. Read Campaign Monitor's Privacy Policy for more information. Contact Campaign Monitor on their Contact us page.

If you want to know what personal information is held

You may contact the Department if you wish to know what personal information Campaign Monitor and the Department has about you, and the Department agrees to provide this information to you in accordance with its Privacy Policy.

If the Department is satisfied that the information is inaccurate, out of date, incomplete, irrelevant or misleading; or the individual requests the entity to correct the information; the Department must take such steps (if any) to correct that information. This ensures the information is accurate, up to date, complete, relevant and not misleading.

If the Department refuses to correct the personal information as requested, the Department must provide a written notice that sets out:

  • the reasons for the refusal, except to the extent that it would be unreasonable to do so
  • the options available to complain about the refusal.

You can contact the Department by sending an email to, or contact Campaign Monitor.

Other ways you can receive our updates

We understand you may not feel comfortable subscribing under these terms and conditions, and you are not obliged to do so.

Should you still wish to receive the information provided by our email updates service, you may like to consider other alternatives, including:

The same information in our email update service is provided via these communication channels.

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